Sunday, December 13, 2009

Clairol Conditioner for Long Hair

Ever wanted your hair to be soft? Whats the immediate resolution towards this? Well I wont have an exact answer for this but your hair would surely feel soft when you apply conditioner to it. And I assure you that it doesn’t really cost much and a bottle can last your for months or even a year. I got a chance to actually try this conditioner which I got it free when I purchased one of the magazines (sorry, can’t remember which one but could be either Female/Cleo). Below is my review for this conditioner..

This conditioner comes in this red bottle, so would definitely catch your attention. And the conditioner inside is in a pink color as it is raspberry scented. It has this great raspberry scent which surely made me think that their my all time favourite for now as the raspberry scent lasts’ in your locks for some reasonable amount of time as well.

Voices’ Verdict:
This is a conditioner that I would surely don’t mind purchasing. What I like the most of this conditioner is its ability to make your locks so soft with just a small quantity of the conditioner applied to your hair. And second is of course it’s raspberry scent. The scent is not to heavy but it’s just nice to be in your hair for some reasonable amount of time. So girls out there, this is one conditioner that you can consider purchasing as it’s surely worth the money you pay for it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sorry.. :-(

Hey guys..i know i've not been posting for sorry that i've been tied up with work. Imagine being busy with year end audits, closures and stuff..but anyways stay tuned as im going on leave so do except more posts ok..and if you have any suggestions, just drop me a comment :)

Once again am sorry...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clarins - Power To Try Workshop sure most of us have heard the brand name 'Clarins' but what does first come to your mind? The first few would be..good, performs well, expensive, cant afford. Well i've personally got feedback from my friends that Clarins products are really good and the results you get is noticable. But! Yes there's a but..but its expensive..I always wanted to try Clarins but i neva really got the chance. But after reading Miu's blog before, of course i realised that i should not miss it once again. From the way it was organised, i can see that Clarins is generous enough.

So now are you wishing that you too would want to experience Clarins? But you have no idea how? No worries, coz Miu has once again brought us Clarins workshop. Just to to Miu's latest post on Clarins to get this workshop (hope seat is still available :-) )..hehe..

Details of the workshop are as below:
Clarins Power To Try Workshop
Venue: Clarins training Centre, Amoda Building, KL.
(opposite Berjaya Times Square, behind Lowyat)
Date: 31st Oct, 09 (Saturday)
Sessions:Morning: 10.30am - 1.30pm ,AfterNoon: 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Workshop Fee: FOC & only by invitation to Plusizekitten followers
F & B : not includedDoorgifts: Yes + Complimentary makeover/Eyebrow Trimming + 50% discount on 1st Time Trial Facial Treament (only at KLCC Isetan Clarins).
Learning: Skincare + Easy Make Up Touch Up "Clarin's Magic".

To Miu..thank you so much for organising this again for us :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Do we really need to drink WateR?

While driving to work earlier this morning (oo yea am working today, thou I should have took 2 days extra leave to enjoy the break), I was suddenly thinking of benefits of actually drinking more water, as more of my close ones know that its really hard for me to consume more water during the day. Yes, I can never drink plain water unless its sweet (trust me, I have always wished that the plain water has some flavor rather than being blend). But I also know that bringing flavored water which has added sugar is bad for health.

Now wondering how will water benefit our health? I realised this. By consuming more water you can actually help to eliminate body wastes and toxins and of course help to maintain the body Ph balance level in order to prevent and cure disease. Also the most important thing for me is that by consuming more intake of water can actually help you in losing weight without dieting. Wow! Is that really true? Can water help you in losing weight?

Now how much water do you need? To ensure that you do not go thru dehydration, it is recommended to consume at least 8 8-ounce glasses of water. (ok, yes I agree I don’t think this much of water, sometimes not even half of this recommended amount). But I was looking at the symptoms of dehydration and some of it are as headache, dizziness, fatigue, etc.

After reading and doing some research on this, I have decided (at least for now) to try consuming more water as I do have headache and dizziness often. And maybe this can also help me in losing weight.
(Photo from Goggle Photos)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rene Furterer - Anti-dandruff Shampoo

With a busy lifestyle where you leave to work at 7am and get back home only earliest by 8pm, and with a client facing job, you would surely want to make sure that your hair is clear and non-greasy. Sadly, i can only achieve that with a special shampoo as i have oily scalp. After searching around for a shampoo that works for myself, finally i landed myself to try Rene Furterer's Melaleuca Shampooing Antipelliculaire (Anti-Dandruff Shampoo) specially formulated for oily, and flaking scalp. Monthly after trying, here am i to share with you the results:-

It doesnt come in a bottle but almost in a tiub similar to our facial cleanser tiubs. The shampoo looks more like a wax with a shade of almost pale yellow. You just have to apply this shampoo to the scalp, massage and rinse. It leaves this very soothing natural smell.

Voices' Verdict:
I personally feel that this is one of the shampoo that can be used by those with oily scalp plus those with dandruffs. After using it for about a month now, i kind of find that my hair is no more greasy as before and this has surely boost my confidence level. As for the price, yes its a bit expensive for the amount we get in a tiub but what i do now is to use it only 2 times a week. So here am i trying to stretch the usage of it.

Now wondering where can you get this here. Rene Furterer has a store located in Pavillion, KL. So just drop by and those SA there are always ready to help you. Oo yea they are friendly too..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Well, it's time of the year again for us to celebrate Raya, so wishing all Muslims out there especially all those who spends time browsing my blog and also those who loves to leave comments, 'Selamat Hari Raya'. Enjoy yourself with Ketupat and Lemang! And have all fun and walk the memory lane together with your loved ones.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gap 1969 Premium Jeans

Walking around at the Curve last weekend, trying to fill the day, we were stopped by a few promoters handing to us a brochure on Gap 1969 Premium Jeans. Being curious I asked them on the roadshow and the friendly promoter explained on their Gap 1969 Premium Jeans. Being a person who loves this kind of promotions & roadshows, i surely went into the van to check out their new collections.

This Gap 1969 Premium Jeans is there for all men and women and of all sizes and shapes. For women, they have Sexy Boot, Curvy, Real Straight, Long & Lean, and Always Skinny. And for men, they have Boot, Standard, Easy, Loose and Authentic. You might think that you won't find a jeans that would fit you but trust me you could be wrong because Gap has wonderful variety of jeans to fit all shapes and sizes.

And the best part of Gap that i love is their promotions and friendly gestures of letting people to try out their jeans and various contests during their road shows. Bravo Gap for these wonderful gesture. So here i bring you closer to all the photos that they have ( i scanned from the brochure they gave me), and to try out yourselves, just get to the nearest Gap stores. Im sure you'll find helpful and friendly sales executives to help you around. You can also visit to check out what they have.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Freebies Freebies To Collect...

Am so you would have lately been seeing Estee Lauder's Lil Brown Bottle image and explanations in the newspapers and mags lately. Wanting to give it a try? Wondering where to get the coupon to take the samples? Then you right here at the correct destination.. Just click the the coupon and print it out and redeem it at the nearest Estee Lauder counter.

Also, if you are also dreaming of having a rejuvenated skin, then Lancome's Genifique is just right for you. They say that you can get visibly rejuvenated skin in 7 days, so up to the challenge? If you would like to try the samples then just click the image below and get to the nearest Lancome counter to redeem it.

Get your samples now....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Biosource - Clarifying Exfoliating Gel

As I have been using the Biotherm’s product range lately for my skincare, I kind of thought that I should also include a scrub or better referred as exfoliating gel. So here I went again visiting the Biotherm counter in Metrojaya, Mid valley. Enquired and enquired and the friendly SA introduced me to ‘Biosource – Clarifying Exfoliating Gel’. I asked again and again if the product is ok, skin friendly, etc etc because I didn’t want to spoil my skin once gain. She assured me of course. Now after using for about a month plus now, below is what I feel I should share with you guys out there..

Packaging wise it is nothing fancy. It just comes in a green tube and the gel has this translucent blue-green color. It also has small exfoliating particles. As instructed by the SA, I used it two times a week as I do understand that you can’t use scrub everyday as this will harm your skin. This gel produces a slight lather and as you massage it on your face, you can actually feel the particles performing it’s in-depth exfoliation

Voices’ Verdict:
I personally feel that this Exfoliating Gel works well to my skin taking note that I have oily skin. All I have to do is to use this two times a week before using my Biotherm Cleanser, Toner and Moisturisers. And will all this done, I get a very fresh and clean skin. And after using it for a month now, I can feel my skin getting back to its normal condition of instance radiance.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Biotherm once again - Aquasouce Moisturizing Balm

Being a very devoted fan of Biotherm recently as i have been using their skincare products and have also introduced it to my mum and now planning to get my brother to try it, i have another Biotherm product review again. Wow looks like i can be the blogger for Biotherm huh. Haha. Well today i would like to share with you guys my review on Biotherm Aquasource - Moisturizing balm.

This Biotherm moisturizing balm helps to protect your lips and help to keep it moistured and has its shiny effect when applied. Ooo yeah how can i forgot about it containing SPF8. It's clear in color and has this cherry scent on it.

Voices' Verdict:
What i like most of this Moisturizing balm is it's shiny effect it gives you plus the moistured feeling you feel on your lips. It stays on your lips for sometime ( longer than the usual lips balms), and you really feel fresh with it's cherry flavor of it. This is always in my handbag now so that everytime i need some shine on my lips to cover all my tired look, all i need to do is to apply this balm of mine on my lips.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Benefit's Dallas

Dallas..for some of us who are unfamiliar with Benefit products will be wondering what it all means. Dallas came into my life last month end right after the Benefit workshop. As I was wondering and trying the items there, suddenly my eyes drew attention to this product of their called ‘Dallas’.

By the shape and pattern on the box, I definitely caught my attention. Well it comes in this very cute square box with a pattern of shadow a girl on a horse. And when you open it, you can see this very beautiful shade of sunkissed rose and it comes with a brush which looks so natural and handy.

Voices’ Verdict:
It was said that all you need to do is to sweep Dallas across your cheeks, chin, forehead or anywhere on your face to lift away dullness and to give your complexion a naturally radiant glow. When I tried it, wow I must say. I like the instant natural blush look it gives you thou your skin is more to the tan type. It has a subtle shimmer on it and looks great on you even during the day. Most of the time I used it as a blusher but at times I also do apply it over my face for that fresh and natural glow effect.

Monday, August 10, 2009

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Simple Solution!!

Just mail me your name, country & email address to and i'm ever ready to add you in my mailing list.

You'll then be the first to know on the topics i've blogged on that particular day, any new events or in fact any new products. So why wait?? Just send me those details and be a part of this Voices.

Benefit's Dr. Feel Good

oOo gosh..monday came just too fast and for many of us mondays are days where we are still sleepy in the office plus we have no mood to work as well. Thats how i felt today. While pondering on what to blog about today, i realised that i have not blogged about the Dr. Feel Good from Benefit that i've been trying for a week. So reviews as follows:-

This surely has a very good packaging and it's small enough to actually just fit into your pouch and what more can i say on its catchy name of Dr. Feel Good. Truth to its name, it works the same way too actually. The texture of the weightless balm looks smooth and matte without any color or strong scent.

Voices’ Verdict:
What i love the most of this product is it's ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. You can wear it as a base for any make up and on days where you don't feel like wearing any make-up then u can just wear this all by itself. And the fresh and oil free skin look it gives you is surely worth the money you pay for it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bobbi Brown - Hands-on Workshop with Sebastien Tardif

Hey guys, if you missed the other workshops dun worry as Bobbi Brown is organising a 'Hands-on Workshop with Sebastien Tardif'. Now you may wonder who is Sebastien Tardif. Well he is the famous Bobbi Brown's Director of Artistry for Asia Pacific.

You will learn tips and techniques on the latest classic look, Nude, and how they play out on different Asian features and skintone. As asean skin tone is a special one, i guess this is really worth going.

Now when and how much is it? To participate in this, you just have to purchase a RM250 voucher (RM200 redeemable for any Bobbi Brown products). And this will be held on 15th Aug 2009 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KLCC as well as on 16 August 2009 at Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley Megamall.

For further information, you can call any of the Bobbi Brown counters or you can also make a online reservation at

If you guys have any questions, do just leave me a comment as well and i can find out for you guys :-)

Bobbi Brown Fall 09 Nude Collection

Well if you are a lover for nude or earthy colors, then i think this post is specially for you. Bobbi Brown has recently come out with their 'Bobbi Brown Fall 09 Nude Collection'. All the colors looks really earthy and natural and since i love this kind of colors, i kind of fall for this :-). Anyway their key item for this collection is their Nude Eye Palette for RM 190, Eye Shadow Brush for RM 100, Nude Shimmer Brick at RM 145, Face Blender Brush at RM 170, Long Wear Gel Liner at RM 70, Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush at RM 90, Creamy Lip Color at RM 75 and Blush for RM 80. So guys, going out for it?

Wait! Not only that, they have also come up with the 'Build your Custom Palette'. The empty palette costs about RM 40 and the price gets added according to the eyeshadows, blushers & lip colors that you choose. So with a rough calculation of choosing a 3 Pan Palette with a choice of eye shadow, a choice of blusher and a choice of Lip color comes to a price of RM 258. Now do you think they price is fine or expensive? If you ask me i would say, well at least we have all the thing we need in a palette and we can carry it together with us where eva we go.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bobbi Brown - Cleansing Oil

When i got back from the Benefit Workshop last week, i was finding for a cleanser for my face after that workshop as i kind of applied lotsa makeup stuff. It then hit my mind that i have the new Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil.
All i did my to pour the texture in my palm and massage it for 20 seconds on my dry face. Right after that i added a bit of water on my face and massage it once again. It had this soapy feeling and to my surprise all my makeup was gone and i did not have the oily feeling on my face!. All i had was this refreshed feeling. So i can conclude that this would be a cleansing oil that i don't mind purchasing as it doesnt have the oily texture and it comes in this very easy to use and classic packaging.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Weekly's Hunky Hubbies Search 2009

As i was checking my mail, this mail suddenly popped up. Well i can't participate on this one as im still single but to those of you out there who are married and have this super man, then nominate him for The Weekly's Hunky Hubbies Search 2009!. You can actually mail his photos and tell them why do you nominate him. Or if you think you would want to just get to the roadshow, then visit Mid Valley (North Court) on 1st Aug 2009 at 2pm - 5pm and get him nominated. The plus point! is the first 30 readers who signs up for this will get goodie bag with Lancome products.. So hurry for it :-)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Biotherm - Travelling Kit

Yesterday as i was walking towards The Gardens for my Benefit workshop, i remembered that I got this sms from Biotherm about its free travelling kit for the first 50 people who shows that sms. As i was already there at about 1.30 pm, i thought of just going over to check if they still have it. Enquired with the SA and thank god i was early as i was the person number 45 to redeem it. Well why wanna ignore it if im entitled to it right and also when im a avid user of Biotherm.

So below was the Biotherm product in that kit:

- Biosource Clarifying - Cleansing Gel

- Aquasource Moisturizing balm - protective lip care - shiny effect

- Aquasource Superserum - Intensely moisturizing - oligo - thermal concentrate

- Biosource - clarifying lotion

Not bad not bad..heheh..but i realised only now that they did not include Aquasource Non Stop oligo-thermal gel - intense moisturization. Hmm :-( well guess its ok.

Benefit Fabulous Flawless workshop

Remember about the Benefit Fabulous Flawless workshop I blogged about somewhere last month? Well I signed up for today’s section as 2pm at the Event Room in The Gardens. This is the very first time they have done such a beauty workshop and this is also the very first time I’m attending such a workshop. Not expecting much, I reached by destination at about 1.55pm. It was at the 1st floor of The Gardens. This event room is a small room where I guess they do most of their events. This room was decorated to address the Benefit’s event. So of course with all the deco’s, balloons and make-up items in all the tables made the room so cozy and perfect. To be honest I liked the ambience it created.

There were refreshments served varying from buns to beautiful pink cupcakes (maybe pink was chosen as it is benefit’s color)..Anyway what was good was each table (2 people per table) has an array of products that will be used during the workshop. So everyone had Benefit make-up products in front of them making it easy for them to try when the presenter explained. Basically this workshop was all about applying the right make-up, the right way to achieve the right flawless skin. The presenter to be honest was really good in explaining as she exactly told which product suits the oily skin, dry skin and the combination skin. She also helped to direct us on which shade would suit our skin tone. She started from the very first step of prepping our skin to the very last step of applying the lipstick. As I have this tan kind of skin and also kinda oily skin, below were my choices:-

  • 1st Step – Cleaned our skin from dust and previous makeup using ‘Gee That was Quick’. This did a good job in clearing my skin and it suits all type of skin.
  • 2nd Step – Prep our skin using ‘Women Seeking Toner’. This is 3 in 1 toning lotion helps to control oiliness and shine.
  • 3rd Step – Applied ‘eyecon’. This helps to fade dark circles if used in a long term.
  • 4th Step – Applied ‘Rebel’. This is said to help to moisture the skin and it also works as a tinted foundation. Comes in 2 shades. I used the darker shade and was also told that we can use it alone without any makeup as well.
  • 5th Step – Applied the base. ‘Dr. Feel Good’ can be applied for oily skin and ‘Tat Gal’ can be applied for dry skin. I applied ‘Dr. Feel Good’ as I have this oily skin. I liked the way it made my skin feel. So soft that it helped to cover the pores.
  • 6th Step – Applied ‘erase paste’ for under eye area. This works as to cover the dark circles under your eyes. There was 3 shades and I used shade no. 3 – deep. You can also apply this on the face as concealer to cover any areas with blemishes or discoloration.
  • 7th Step – Applied ‘Posie Tint’ for my cheek area. This gave me a very natural glow and you can also apply it on your lips and it’s said that its kiss proof!
  • 8th Step – Brighting Powder’s turn now!. For my kind of skin which is quite tan, I applied ‘Dandelion’. It gave this very natural look and my face looked so fresh. Heard its one of the best sellers too.
  • 9th Step – Was to apply the eye shadow. As my eye lid has some discoloration, I was given ‘Lemon Aid’ to be applied. After applying that I then applied the creaseless eye shadow cream of ‘Lana, samba-dy loves me’.
  • 10th Step – It’s now time to apply the mascara. As I’m a lover of natural look, I choose the 'BAD gal waterproof mascara in Black'.
  • Last Step – Finally it’s time to apply the lipstick. I chose the ‘Passionista’ Betty as it had this glitters’ plus natural color which is the closest color to my lips.

Towards the end, there was 5 lucky draws given out and not to forget the goodie bags. Can say that the goodies were worth it actually as it had RM 20 coupon to be used in the Benefit counter, Dr.Feel Good (mini size), Benetint (mini size) and Silky Finish Lipstick in raisin’cane (full size).
And the RM100 voucher is fully redeemable + the RM 10 coupon ( I did not use the other RM 10), with this I got myself ‘Dallas’.

To those who missed it, well hope you can join us for the next one thou am not sure when they have another one.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Origins – Sensory Therapy - Peace of Mind - Gumballs

Ok Ok, am sure my now you are already wondering why is she suddenly getting Origin’s Gumballs? Is it all worth it? Is it expensive? Well there was this one day where I was looking at their Product Guide and my eyes caught this product of theirs. So my review as below:

These gumballs come in cute containers and the one I got is the smaller containers as I just wanted to try it. It’s round of course since it is gumballs ;) and its pure white in color. It gives you this tingly taste as it has peppermint included.

Voices’ Verdict:
To be honest, I love chewing gums especially when im working or perhaps this habit started since I started working in the consultancy line. Anyway I personally like this gumballs as it’s not HARD like the other gumballs I used to get before. This gumball is soft and earlier to be chewed. Secondly I love it’s peppermint flavor as it wakes me up. The price might be a lil’ expensive for gumballs but no hard trying it once..

Container with 20 Gumballs for RM 13.50

Monday, July 20, 2009

Reviews - Coming Soon!


Hey guys.. Sorry been so bz that im unable to update the blog from time to time. Anyway watch out for the coming reviews of the products below:-

1) Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil - Posted
2) Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish Compact Foundation
3) Hugo Boss - Eau de Toilette for Women
4) Biotherm - White D-Tox (Cellular) Corrective Make-up Base
5) Sensory Therapy - Peace of Mind Gumballs - Posted

Till then if you have any questions regarding the above products, jz drop me a comment.. Thanks..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Origins – Sensory Therapy, Peace of Mind

Origins recently came out with their Sensory Therapy range. The one am going to review here is the Peace of Mind – On the spot relief. So my reviews as follows:

This on the spot relief with the mind clearing formula can help to melt away pressure and tension within minute. All you have to do is massage a portion (pea sized) of the lotion at the back of your neck and temples and breathe deeply. This ‘Peace of Mind’ comes in a cute packaging and has a green colored lotion. It also has peppermint fragrance.

Voices’ Verdict:
As I’m a person who is prone to headache’s thou am not quite sure on the cause of it, I decided to just give it a try. I like the peppermint fragrance of it as it helps to soothe and calm myself as its true that fragrances such as peppermint helps to calm you. The liquid is also not oily so which means you can just apply it anytime. I can’t say it helps to make my headache go away or what but all I can say is that it helps me to stay calm and release stress away. Well being an auditor my profession, guess stress just follows you where ever you go. So in conclusion, Origins’ Peace of Mind does seriously peace my mind..

15 ml for RM 48

Bobbi Brown - Cleansing Oil

Well I have this habit of checking cosmetic websites and I try to find the Malaysian website of it so that I can check if there are any promotions or anything. So as I was checking again and again the Bobbi Brown website, I was surprised that Bobbi Brown has enhanced their website. And the good part of it, they introduced their new Cleansing Oil. And the best part of it was that they gave samples of it for the first 200 people who show the Mobile coupon in their Bobbi Brown counters. And oo yeah they also have Treasure Hunt where you have to burst the bubbles and they have two complimentary gifts in those bubbles. First is their RM180 worth of makeover and another one is the RM50 worth of eyebrow shaping. I tried my luck in it too and I got the RM 180 worth of makeover.

I collected my sample of Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil from Mid Valley stand alone Bobbi Brown counter today and I also redeemed my makeover voucher there. I was asked if I wanted a fresh makeover or a heavy makeover for some special occasion. I just requested for a simple makeover that suits me for work, in brief just a very natural makeup. Well the SA started prepping my skin first as they believe that if the skin base is good then everything goes fine. The SA started applying oil free foundation powder on Honey color. And also a bronzy color blush to suit my skin tone and lastly he lined my eyelids with dark black eyeliner and he also used the bronzy color eye shadow. Sorry guys for forgetting the eye shadow and the blusher color specifically (bad memory I have). But I liked the end results. Pure, simple and natural look. I like the foundation powder which hides all my redness on my skin. And this made me actually purchase the oil free foundation powder.. Will try and update you guys with the review..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Parkson Shopping Spree 2009.

Hey guys as most of you beauty bloggers know, yesterday (11 July) was Parkson’s shopping spree. Well they even gave goodie bag worth RM 200 for the first 500 people who register. But yeah you must have the cutting from the female, Eh! And another mag (sorry guys I really forgot the name of the mag).

So being curious on what goodies will be given, I kind of decided to go get it. I arrived there about 10 am and to my surprise there was already a long line of about 50 people. Wow. That was definitely so fast I thought as Pavillion opens only at 10am. So it kind of makes me wonder how this much of crowd managed to go in. Guess from the car park and stuff. Anyway below is the photo of what was in the goodie bag. Kinda worth it of course as they even had some Parkson vouchers.

And if you spend more than RM 100 yesterday in Parkson, you too get to redeem a Dior gift. So above is also a photo of the gift I got. Will try those stuffs and post and update you guys after trying those products. Till then visit by blog frequently to check the updates :-)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

d’ Hair Shop Paris – Deep Moisturizing Shampoo & Shampoo Bar

d’ Hair Shop Paris opened its new branch in mid valley few months back and I got a chance to try their shampoo plus their shampoo bar. I actually got it during their 50% promotion as a gift to their client during their new branch opening. Catch my reviews as follows:

The deep moisturizing shampoo comes in this purple triangle shaped bottle and the shampoo bar is round in shape. The color of the bottle and the shampoo bar actually varies according to the type of shampoo as they do have shampoos for colored hair etc. So you can actually expect to see colorful bottles of shampoos in this shop.

Voices’ Verdict:
The SA told me that one of their best sellers is their deep moisturizing shampoo. I tried the shampoo back home and I personally feel that this shampoo has good fragrance and is really gentle to your hair, so this shampoo would be really good for those with thin hair. Sadly, since my hair is really thick, I had to use quite a bit volume of the shampoo. However, like said before, it will surely benefit the ones with thin hair. Now as for the shampoo bar, it is really handy and small which means you can bring it together with you anywhere you go (even in the plane as it’s a bar not a liquid). I find it really useful especially when you’re travelling. So heads up for d’Hair Shop Paris for creating or in fact for having to come up with this unique idea of shampoo bar.

Deep Moisturizing Shampoo - 250 ml for RM 35.90 / Shampoo Bar for RM 13.90

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stage - Buy 1 Free 1

Am sure most of you here would have heard about 'Stage' cosmetics. They offer array of cosmetics with wonderful array of colors and there are talented personnels to help you out in the 'Stage' store locations.

Now wondering why am i suddenly talking about 'Stage'? Ok guys just to update you guys that Stage is currently having 'Buy 1 Free 1' campaign till 5th July 2009. So don't forget to go over to check the nearest store. I guess they have 1 at 'Mid Valley' and if not mistaken they have 1 at the Pavillion as well.

Shu Uemura Liquid Eyeliner Review

Well I have tried a few types of eye liners and finally after some recommendation from my friend, I got myself Shu Uemura’s Liquid Eye Liner. They have it in black color and for the first time, you have to get the liquid eye liner pen as well as the cartridge. And after that you can keep replacing with the refill cartridges. Now on how it physically looks, it has this really unique brush and the pen has a very elegant look. You have to actually press the button on the top of the pen to release the ink. As for me, the results you get are a real satisfying one. You get straight fine line or in fact the sizes of the line as you wish. So if you want a really fine line then use the tip of the brush to line your eyes and if you want a thinker one then adopt to slant the brush a bit. You get good straight dark black lines.

So for those who finds hard to draw a straight line and in fact would want a very dramatic line, I guess this liquid eye liner is for you. Seriously, its worth the money you pay for it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Benefit's "Fabulous Flawless" Workshop

Hey i was browsing the internet on what is the current happenings in KL i got caught on an ad on Fabulous Flawless Workshop that will be organised by Benefit at the Robinsons, The Gardens on 25th and 26th of July 2009. The fees is RM 100 (said to be fully redeemable and a door gift worth RM 120). You can call 03-22846266 to RSVP.

I don't have any other info for now. Would update you guys when i get it.

Biotherm - Aquasource Oil Free

Have you heard on Biotherm's Aquasource Oil Free products lately? This line of products are specially tailored for shine prone skin like mine. Having tried a few products, I can say this is quite good and worth the cash you invest in it. And the best part is that it takes just 3 simple steps to achieve this lovely skin. Cleanse. Purify and Moisturize. Well these are Biotherm's 3 step products which comes with BIOSOURCE OIL FREE - Hydra-Mineral Cleanser Purifying Mousse (Cleanser), AQUASOURCE OIL FREE - Hydra-Mineral Lotion Purifying Water (Toner) and AQUASOURCE OIL FREE - Clarifying Hydrating Gel Lasting Fresh Matte Finish (Moisturizer).

Now wondering where you can get it? You can get it from any Biotherm counters of course. The are Biotherm counters in Robinsons and Metrojaya. You can ask for samples first or try asking them to analyse your skin. I got mine at the Metrojaya in Mid Valley and the personnel there are really friendly. To avoid disappointments I got myself the trial set and now just 3 weeks of trying it, I can actually see the results.