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Fresh Desire's Handmade Soap: Sports Soap

How many of you here are fans of handmade soaps? If you're someone just like me then this post will surely make you excited. While i was on a business trip to Penang, I happen to come across this newly opened shop 'Fresh Desire' at Strait Quay, Penang. Immediately without wasting any seconds, i dashed in to get my share of the handmade soaps.

They have varieties of handmade cosmetics from soap bars, shower gels, bath bombs and candles just to name a few. And what made me so extra excited was the arrays of soap bars that they had. Right from coffee flavoured up to lavender flavoured bar. The sales assistants there were pretty helpful too. Ever ready to suggest to me some of their famous soap bars and in fact letting me smell them before purchasing.

As i wanted to try a few of them and the prices for each bar goes by the size/gram of each bar, i requested them to cut it to smaller pieces which they politely agreed. And at the end, i ended up buying their Sports Soap and Lave…

Vanity Trove's August Edition 'Rocket Science'

Im sure many of you are aware of the arrays of beauty boxes that are around. But sadly for us in Malaysia, we did not have any till the recently launched 'Fabulous Finds'. So what i did since at that point of time we didn't have any beauty box subscription in Malaysia, I actually subscribed for Vanity Trove. This is actually my second box from them and wow, i seriously did not expect this much of things in a box.

So yes ladies, presenting to you Vanity Trove's August box, 'Rocket Science'.

So what you do think of this month's box? Are you too surprised just like me? I think Vanity Trove has done a great job by giving things worth the amount charged. Bravo Vanity Trove!

I'll be reviewing them in my coming post as there's just so many goodies to be tried over. Till then, enjoy the photos and perhaps you too can subscribe for Vanity Trove.

Yes, Im Back Once Again!

Ooo yes, it's been ages since i wrote a post. I always wanted to but i only managed to get the time to snap those lovely photos but never really got the time to write. Sometimes, life just brings you on a roller coaster ride that you tend to focus more on work work and work and totally forget, yes i mean TOTALLY forget what you actually love doing. The same thing happened to me.

But thank god that life also gives you a chance to look back and start pondering if this is all worth it. That's when you realise its all not about work, work and work only. But its about doing something that you love and spending time to do it.  So yes darlings, you'll be seeing more post from myself. But it would not just focus on make up items but focus on everything that would concern us, women. Its about makeup, skin care, food, technology and anything else.