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Di Palomo Tuscan Rose Hand & Nail Cream

The one thing that I never, yes I repeat, I never leave home without is my hand creams I must say. You'll be wondering why hand creams? I can say that I have dry hands and applying hand creams allows my hand to feel soft and the moisture in the creams makes your hand just feel so nice. So do I have a specific hand cream that I use? The answer is No. My theory is simple. Why don't I just use various brands out there and see how it feels and plus lets try the different scents out there. Life is boring if you just stick to one right.

Recently, I was introduced with Di Palomo's Enriching Hand & Nail Cream which I found in the Vanity Trove box and I immediately started using them. Di Palomo is a brand from England, inspired by Italy. And they have more than hand creams, means they also produce perfumes and bath & shower products (yes, how I wish i get to try all their bath & shower products. Yes you're right, I go crazy of them).

The Hand & Nail Cream that I…

Vanity Trove Malaysia - *Debut Box* It's All About Love

Vanity Trove is not something new in Malaysia as Malaysian subscribers have been getting their boxes shipped from Singapore all these while. Of course the down side of this was that we often get coupons that are only applicable at Singapore and the events are organised in Singapore and which means we Malaysian subscribers were not able to attend them. However, we got a good news recently when they actually launched Vanity Trove Malaysia. This means we get to attend functions that Vanity Trove organises in Malaysia and what's more amazing is that we can now use the coupon that's in the trove. Vanity Trove Malaysia's debut box was the February 2013 box themed 'It's all about Love'.

Something different about Vanity Trove Malaysia was that they actually used a different courier service other than GDex, which is Kangaroo Worldwide Express Courier. Vanity Trove Malaysia's box is exactly similar to the trove that was shipped from Singapore previously (yes the drawe…

The Lilac Box - Premium February Debut Box

After patiently waiting for 'The Lilac Box', it finally arrived at my doorstep on 6th February. The Lilac Box used GDex courier service and so far I'm happy with their service as I've never had any problems with them. Thou I was actually sick when I received this box, I just couldn't wait to open it. Well I guess everyone would feel so as this is the debut box. 

What's interesting with this box is that it's not covered with a bubble wrap or a shrink wrap but it was double boxed. 

So are you ready to have a look at the box itself? Yes, it's with the theme colour 'lilac'. Lilac is actually a tone of purple, so that answers the question on why i just love the design and concept of this particular box. Anything purple just makes me happy :-) Thou the box itself is a plain brown box but the ribbon and the note 'I got you thelilacbox' actually added an extra 'spice' to this whole experience. 

 I was actually greeted with this message whic…