Di Palomo Tuscan Rose Hand & Nail Cream

The one thing that I never, yes I repeat, I never leave home without is my hand creams I must say. You'll be wondering why hand creams? I can say that I have dry hands and applying hand creams allows my hand to feel soft and the moisture in the creams makes your hand just feel so nice. So do I have a specific hand cream that I use? The answer is No. My theory is simple. Why don't I just use various brands out there and see how it feels and plus lets try the different scents out there. Life is boring if you just stick to one right.

Recently, I was introduced with Di Palomo's Enriching Hand & Nail Cream which I found in the Vanity Trove box and I immediately started using them. Di Palomo is a brand from England, inspired by Italy. And they have more than hand creams, means they also produce perfumes and bath & shower products (yes, how I wish i get to try all their bath & shower products. Yes you're right, I go crazy of them).

The Hand & Nail Cream that I was trying came from the Tuscan Rose range and the main 3 products used in this cream is Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. I think we all know the benefits of these 3 natural ingredients which I don't think I need to elaborate much.

The cream itself is white is colour with thick texture and when applied it directly sinks into your skin. What I like the most of this cream is that it absorbs to my skin quickly without leaving any sticky feeling. And that's not the only highlight. The scent itself, yes the rose scent in this cream is not so empowering which is something group and it's mild and stays there for a while leaving your hand feel soft, smooth and wonderful of course.

Now I saw that there's even more range available here such as the white grape with Aloe. How I wish I can try their bath range soon :-)

And for you girls out there who wants to try this cream or their products, just visit their store at Publika Shopping Gallery.

"This product was part of the Vanity Trove February box. Click the link below to purchase their next trove."





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