Imedeen Classic - Added Definition

I've been pretty occupied this few months, with having more than one engagements to work on and with having clients out of Malaysia, life was just all about..yes ALL about work and only work. Added I got attacked by bad cough as well. While i may forget to talk my cough mixtures on time, there's one thing that I never forget to have daily. What is this you wonder?

Yea, it's my new addition to my daily routine recently. The ever famous 'Imedeen Classic'. For those of you who followed my blog will know that I recently added 'Imedeen Classic' to my daily diet. All I need to do is just to have 2 tablets a day of the miracle 'Imedeen Classic' pill and tadaaa you're supposed to have enhanced skin quality.

Now did this really work? Sometimes skin quality is something hard to be showed on a photograph or to be tested. However, how if you walk to a skincare boutique to get some products and the sales assistant tells you that your skin is good and you only need one product to just help you maintain it? Or you realise that your skin is smoother that before. Well this was the exact compliments that I got about a week back.

So, are you someone wanting to have improvements to your skin? Then why wait? Just purchase the ever famous 'Imedeen Classic' and add them to your daily routine. It's something really easy to be done. After your meal, just have 2 tablets of 'Imedeen Classic'. The tablets are tiny and round so it's really easy to swallow with a glass of plain water. If you wonder if it will suit your taste buds, it surely will as it tastes like any other tablets thou the smell of the tablets are slightly fishy I felt, however it's something that you would easily get used to it.

Imedeen Classic has definitely added some definitions to my skin and I'm sure it will to yours as well, if you take them continuously together with some basic skin maintenance.


  1. Hi there! Hows the imedeen? is it good? is it good for ur body as well?

    Anyway, nice blog! :D

    1. Hi dear! I like Imedeen because it has been around for a good long time and i've heard alot about them before I started trying them recently. And it's very easy to take, just 2 tablets :-). So far I know there are no side effects but i heard that i should always continuously take them for best results.

      Saw your blog and its so nice. Just followed you :-)

  2. I saw this in the pharmacy all the time but never picked it up! Does it work like collagen supplement? I am taking pearl powder. lol a more conventional way.. but dang.. my skin is still the same..hahaha I've followed you! XD


    1. Ooo yea tell me about it..I kept looking at this so many times but was wondering if I should get them. But I always heard got remarks about it. I hear from those who have taken it long enough that it's like a collagen supplement. However, as for now at least for myself, i just have better skin quality and smoother too :-).

      I was checking your blog and it's simply great seriously! Have followed you too :-))


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