Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcoming VanityTrove Malaysia

I'm sure most of you here are aware of the concept of beauty boxes. In brief, you have a few amount of deluxe or sample size beauty products in a box which is delivered to your door steps monthly with a certain amount of payment and the thrill of this is the surprise element involved in it as you never knows what's in your box till you receive them.

The first beauty box services that started shipping to Malaysia was VanityTrove from Singapore. You would have seen my blog post about VanityTrove's boxes. And within months we started having various other beauty boxes in Malaysia itself. But I used to still wonder on why we don't have VanityTrove Malaysia, as this means that they'll be able to bring in more products or the coupons given will be for Malaysia based services. 

Ta da! My wish was answered and now we have our very own VanityTrove Malaysia. Now wondering how it works? Just follow the simple steps as below:
  1. Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on for the monthly subscription fee of RM60/- (inclusive of packing, shipping & handling fees) or choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options to get credits that goes towards redeeming a complimentary trove!
  2. Receive each month’s edition before the month starts. (You’ll get March’s themed trove by end of February!)
  3. Receive the troves hand-delivered to you and enjoy the beautiful surprises within it! Try and share it with your beauty buddies.

    Remember you can also surprise others with this trove. And I believe gals just love being surprised and pampered and you can never go wrong with beauty products.

    So why wait? Sign up now before it's late. How? Just click the links below for more and more information.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Precious Lush Hauls

Holidays are always something you look forward too, no matter it's a short trip or a longer one. And I always believe that short breaks gives you time to recharge and back refreshed. However, this year wasn't really a year that I could take enough breaks with many projects after projects. But I still wanted to follow my tradition of taking year end leave so here am I on my 2 weeks break. Now where shall I go? A place that you don't really need much planning was of course Singapore and Singapore during Christmas is just great!. Those beautiful decorations and lights everywhere just gives you  the feel of Christmas. 

The first thing I wanted to do went I get to Singapore was to visit the LUSH store there. Well it's the only store which is nearest to Malaysia. Lush in Singapore is located at Wisma Atria and since it was days before Christmas, oo boy the store was just packed with people. As I already had my list of things that I wanted to get, I quickly got the sales assistant to help me with my purchases. 

Now are you ready to see what I've got? This is my total haul from Lush. I actually got the gift box so that I can try their other range too. 

As you can see from the photo, those are the products that are in the gift box. As I love trying shower gels and soaps, I decided to choose this box as it contains various types from their shower gel & soap range.

In addition to the gift box, I also got some of their best selling items. This is their famous and I was told a limited edition for Christmas, 'Twilight Shower Gel'. Oo yea it's purple in colour too :-). Below is the description from Lush website on this baby:

"Twilight shower gel, so you can lather up in iridescent purple lavender and tonka bubbles. If you haven't smelled this fragrance before, you're in for a treat! It's slightly sweet with the perfect herbal balance. Wonderful to use in the evening before bed, especially on cold, winter nights. Dreams do come true!"

Next we have here is the Deodorant Powder called 'The Greeench'. I've heard that it's good and works well so thought of giving it a try. Below is the description from Lush website on this deodorant powder:

"Made with naturally effective herbs and powders, The Greeench is a wonder powder and one of the best deodorants LUSH has ever made, waging wars against offensive underarms around the world. Thyme, rosemary and tea tree are the triad of super powerful, effective herbs that make it so fantastically effective at deodorizing, whiff defeating, and smelling beautiful. Micro fine powders of magnesium trisilicate and sodium bicarbonate keep your pits dry and comfortable, free from discomfort and moisture. Whew! That’s a powerful combination."

I have here the ever famous 'Porridge Soap'. Again it's one of their best sellers and it helps to give a scrub kind of feeling due to the oats mixed in it. 

"Ideal for sensitive skin; it’s irresistible to everyone else, even bears. A nutritious breakfast bar; we fill each one with oats to gently exfoliate and cleanse. As the oats mix with hot water, they create calming milk that soothes and softens your entire body. Organic orange juice is full of nutritious vitamin C, ideal for refreshing and brightening your skin, and keeping it clear. Oh, and did we mention the delicious caramel scent? All in all, this soap is just right"

And lastly a solid shampoo bar which is called as 'Jumping Juniper'. I explained to the sales assistant that I tend to have greasy hair so this was her recommendation to try. And guess what, she explained that this can be used for 80 washes!

For those in Malaysia, yup, I hear you that there's no LUSH store in Malaysia yet. Hence, we won't be able to purchase it here. I'm still wondering why they don't have a store here. However, fear not as you can still purchase them online from LUSH Singapore's website. But yeah, there's some shipping charges that you may need to pay. 

Now I know that you'll be wanting to have a look at the contents of this gift box. I'll open it soon and share it you alright. Till then share with me on your Lush purchases and on other gift boxes that you got from Lush too.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Modbox's December Beauty Box

By now I'm sure most of you here are aware of another beauty box which made it's entrance to Malaysia. Am I right? Now wondering which is this? I'll give you a hint..starts with M and ends with X. Alright, yes it's called Modbox. As I'm currently going crazy over this beauty box especially for the surprise factor it gives me, I decided to purchase this as well.

Now, did I actually tell you that I've actually shipped this to my office? So when the mailing room called to say that I have a courier, automatically I'm back fresh. Took it and during my break, just couldn't wait to open them. Now, I think the owner of Modbox is also someone who loves the colour purple, just like me! Those who are close to me will surely tell you that I go head over heels with the shade of purple. So why am I talking about purple? See it yourself here :-)

The moment I opened the box, I was greeted with such a heavenly smell. I can't really recall what smell is that but it was just right. And guess what, Modbox too decided to surprise their customers with a Christmas themed box. Now, does it look cute? It's beautiful right and it's actually a hair pin. What I really liked was the hand written note in the box. It gives a more personalised feel and look.  

 Yes, I know you would want to see what's actually inside the box..So here you go..

Juice Beauty's Nutrient Moisturiser and Green Apple Peel 

Himalaya's Honey & Cream Body Wash and Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Skin79's Diamond The Prestige BB Cream

LuView's Glossy Kiss
Boy was I happy with this box? I certainly did as since it's a new service and seeing what they have in the box, I surely feel that they'll bring in more surprises to us. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

WonderBox's December Beauty Box

Firstly, so sorry for posting this post slightly later than expected. I've been really busy with work since i was going on year end leave from the 21st December. And now since I'm on break, I have ample of time to write and share with you things that have surely surprised me.

So ladies, are you ready to have a look on what December's Wonderbox contains? My first glimpse at the box surely made me go 'WoW, such a beautiful bow out there'. Yes, as it was the month of Christmas, the Wonderbox team paid attention to the details by having a red bow and mine came with a bell attached to it.

Now, what's the content of the box? The moment I opened the box, it was filled right till the top and the Christmas themed card greeted me.

Surprised with the content? I was actually as it contained things that I wanted to always try such as the Kerastase shampoo and the Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar. I've actually received the Gamila Cleansing Bar in my Vanity Trove box before but that was the Lavender scented one.

Kerastase's Luminous Softening Shampoo& Treatment Masque

Clinelle's Eye Bright and Purifying Toner

OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer in Silver

Gamila Secret's Cleansing Bar in Original

It's really really worth it and I'm so happy with the things that Wonderbox team has got us as Christmas surprises. I sincerely hope that they'll keep up this good work and reach their goals too.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code

oOo wow..remember about the new beauty box that I was talking about earlier? Yeah, MIVVA beauty box. As mentioned it's one of the new beauty box with a great beauty portal with articles and videos. And guess what? They'll be launching their debut MIVVA box.

Apparently, you only need to pay RM 38 per month and you get 5 to 6 beauty products in your surprise box. And what's even more interesting is that as they are launching it during the christmas month, they have also packed some surprises in it.

Now you have no idea how excited I am and i can't just wait for it to arrive so that i can unbox them. It will be one of the best thing to do and yup helps me reduce my stress level too.

Alright, how do you subscribe for it? As it's the debut box and they have limited quantity, they are only opened for members only. So all you have to do is click this link and key in the MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code as 'DiscoverMIVVA'

You can also use my referral link (

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Introducing MIVVA - The New Beauty Box

Most of us here are familiar with beauty boxes and how excited we get over them. Am i right? So how excited will you get when I let you know on another new surprise box services that's gonna be available in Malaysia? Super excited? Yes, gals! Introducing to you..MIVVA..

MIVVA Box contains 4-6 products and it targets the middle to high market. Additionally, i personally feel that MIVVA is slightly different then the other boxes out there as you can purchase the boxes, there's product information available online 24/7, there's video tutorials for you to follow and beauty articles too.

Sounds interesting? Interested in it? Then simply sign up for more information here

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vanity Trove's December Edition

By now most of you visiting my blog will know how excited I get when i have my surprise boxes arriving my door step and imagine how extra excited i'll get if i get 2 boxes at the same time..

So, are you ready to have a look at what the December's trove is all about? The moment I opened the box, the smell of Lavender from Gamila Secret's Cleansing bar just made me feel so relaxed. Seriously, hoping it will give me a good experience trying it too :-)

Presenting to you Vanity Trove's December edition..

Sexylook Super Hydrating Duo Lifting Mask, Caviar & Biopeptide Facial Mask, Apple & Evening Primrose Facial Mask

Dr GL's Collagen Essence

1000 Hour - Ultra Thin Wax Strips and Ciracle's Blackhead Off Cotton Mask

Gamila Secret's Cleansing Bar. I selected 'Lavender Heaven'

Product from Philosophy - Microdelivery Peel (Step 1 (vit c & peptide crystals) & 2 (activating gel)), Purity made simple (3 in 1 cleanser), Eye hope (eye cream), Miracle worker (anti aging moisturiser) 

Product from Belif - Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner,Peel Off Mask, Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream, True Cream, Creamy Cleansing Form Moist, Milky Moisturiser 
Wow, it's just too much of item in just one trove right. Im super happy with this December's trove and now time to try it one by one.