Thursday, October 17, 2013

Imedeen Classic - Added Definition

I've been pretty occupied this few months, with having more than one engagements to work on and with having clients out of Malaysia, life was just all about..yes ALL about work and only work. Added I got attacked by bad cough as well. While i may forget to talk my cough mixtures on time, there's one thing that I never forget to have daily. What is this you wonder?

Yea, it's my new addition to my daily routine recently. The ever famous 'Imedeen Classic'. For those of you who followed my blog will know that I recently added 'Imedeen Classic' to my daily diet. All I need to do is just to have 2 tablets a day of the miracle 'Imedeen Classic' pill and tadaaa you're supposed to have enhanced skin quality.

Now did this really work? Sometimes skin quality is something hard to be showed on a photograph or to be tested. However, how if you walk to a skincare boutique to get some products and the sales assistant tells you that your skin is good and you only need one product to just help you maintain it? Or you realise that your skin is smoother that before. Well this was the exact compliments that I got about a week back.

So, are you someone wanting to have improvements to your skin? Then why wait? Just purchase the ever famous 'Imedeen Classic' and add them to your daily routine. It's something really easy to be done. After your meal, just have 2 tablets of 'Imedeen Classic'. The tablets are tiny and round so it's really easy to swallow with a glass of plain water. If you wonder if it will suit your taste buds, it surely will as it tastes like any other tablets thou the smell of the tablets are slightly fishy I felt, however it's something that you would easily get used to it.

Imedeen Classic has definitely added some definitions to my skin and I'm sure it will to yours as well, if you take them continuously together with some basic skin maintenance.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Lilac Box's Cult Box #1

By now most of you would know how crazy I am over beauty boxes and how I try to get most of them. So recently when The Lilac Box guys announced about their first Cult Box, I quickly subscribed and eagerly waited for the box.  

Now are you like me and want to know what was in the first Cult Box of The Lilac Box? Here you go...

 Eugene Perma Nourishing Hair Bath
I was first confused on what was the use of this product, on if it was a shampoo or a conditioner but now i know, its a shampoo. It helps to detangle the hair and leaving it both soft and shiny. Now thats what any girl wants right. 

Eugene Perma Nourishing Mask
This mask is said to nourish the hair fibre deep down and be able to protect your hair from the UV rays. Additionally also helps to strenghten your hair and keep it soft and shiny as always. The mask has the color of a slight pink and it immediately caught my eye and the smell is so divine. 

Mistral Verbena Shower Gel
This shower gel is enriched with natural healing chamomile, aloe vera and shea butter and is said to leave your skin supple and refreshed after every bath. Now most of you would also know that I just love trying various kind of shower gels or in fact any shower & bath products. So im gonna so love this. The texture of this gel is certainly thick and i can already smell the scent of the lime the moment i've open the container.

Vagheggi Cleansing Milk
The Cleansing Milk is a basic gentle skin cleanser, moisturising and calming, and is suitable for all types of skin. Now this is a good news as i generally have a combination type of skin, so i can then use this product too.

Vagheggi Rebalancing Face Lotion.

The Rebalancing Face Lotion is to be used after cleansing your face with the cleansing milk. It is said to provide freshness to the skin while maintaining skin elasticity. 

Vagheggi Oligominerals
This product came in a blue glass bottle and immediately caught my attention (yes, i love the color blue!). When used, this product can restore the skin's equilibrium and therefore alleviate and soothe impure, irritated, dry, sensitive, delicate and stressed skin. Its suitable for dry skin of the face, body and eye contours.

Malu Wilz Eyeshadow
This eyeshadow is a high pigmented iridescent duocrome colors. Now the color that I got in the beauty box is more an earthy nude color. Im eager to see how it'll turn up on my skin.

Yes! Nurse Hand Cream
Now this is a famous range of hand cream and I just love trying hand creams so having this in my beauty box was really good. Yes! Nurse Hand Cream is an intensive moisturising hand formula specially designed to counteract dry, sore and cracked skin

Overall, i've never come across this brand of products before and now having the opportunity of trying them is simply amazing. I think The Lilac Box has done a great job in introducing them to us :-) 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bag of Love - October 2013 ' Let's travel together'

As we are nearing the 'holiday' month of November and December, all you can actually think of is holidays and pure relaxation and wonderful travelling. Am I right? Well at least Im super excited as I'll be going to the amazing Siem Reap this coming November to visit the magnificent Angkor Wat. 

Now wondering why is she suddenly talking about travelling and holidays? Well that's because the Bag of Love just understood our desires and came out with the exact themed bag. Now i can bring this with me to Siem Reap? :-) Alright alright, enough of Siem Reap and lets get to the bag and what's in the bag this time around.

One thing that I love with Bag of Love is the different type of bag that they surprise us with every month. It's something that I eagerly wait to know every month. See, do you like the bag below? It's a transparent bag and it's spacious. You can surely put in your travel sized products in it and bring it with you.

Now, lets see what products they have in this bag..

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Shimmer Multi-Purpose Dry Oil
At first glance, I thought it was a nail polish. However, just a tiny drop radiates your skin from within and gives that shimmering effect too. 

Calvin Klien's Eternity Aqua Woman Rollerball
Just roll in to your inner wrist or anywhere you desire and feel the breeze. Ooo by the way, the box makes me think of the sea.

O'slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III
Said to be extra hydrating and gives your a refined pore and reduces black heads too. All you need to do is to replace your toner with this Formula III. Surely smells great just like a garden of roses.

Swiss Line Force Vitale Aqua Vitale Cream
This gel is said to have the ability to quickly absorb to your skin to moisture and release signs of tightness, immediately leaving your skin feeling refreshed and supple.

Olay Regenerist Serum
An ultra lightweight formula that makes your skin look way firmer and younger with it's anti ageing solution.

RVB Skinlab Diego Dalla Palma Cell Detoxium Purifying Clay Mask
It improves impurities in few minutes of application and gently refines the skin texture and restores brightness and firmness all at once. 

As usual, Bag of Love just rocked it! :-)