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Clairol Conditioner for Long Hair

Ever wanted your hair to be soft? Whats the immediate resolution towards this? Well I wont have an exact answer for this but your hair would surely feel soft when you apply conditioner to it. And I assure you that it doesn’t really cost much and a bottle can last your for months or even a year. I got a chance to actually try this conditioner which I got it free when I purchased one of the magazines (sorry, can’t remember which one but could be either Female/Cleo). Below is my review for this conditioner..

This conditioner comes in this red bottle, so would definitely catch your attention. And the conditioner inside is in a pink color as it is raspberry scented. It has this great raspberry scent which surely made me think that their my all time favourite for now as the raspberry scent lasts’ in your locks for some reasonable amount of time as well.

Voices’ Verdict:
This is a conditioner that I would surely don’t mind purchasing. What I like the most of this conditioner is its …

Sorry.. :-(

Hey guys..i know i've not been posting for sorry that i've been tied up with work. Imagine being busy with year end audits, closures and stuff..but anyways stay tuned as im going on leave so do except more posts ok..and if you have any suggestions, just drop me a comment :)

Once again am sorry...