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BRANDS InnerShine Prune Essence

What is the actual benefit of prunes? Prunes have also been a fruit we take when we have constipation problem. I've always been told that due to its high fibre content, it do certainly help our bowel movements. Now what other benefits it brings? I hear that it also has good amount of antioxidants which provides good health benefits to us.

I've personally tried them a few times and i must say that i love having them. It does good to my stomach and the taste is alright too. I've been told that taking them for a longer duration gives you a radiant complexion but I've yet to try it for that long. So if you have tried them, why don't you share here on the benefits of it and how you felt after having this.

Below is the extracted details on the benefits and the truth behind InnerShine Prune Plus from their website.