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Freshlook Illuminate's Free Trial

By now, am sure most of you out there know that I have a special interest towards contact lenses and I've been thinking of getting colored lenses of some events next month. So here I was browsing the Internet, looking for some idea on what to get and coincidentally i ended up at FreshlookIlluminate's website. And guess what, there's some promotion going on where all you need to do is sign up and you'll be getting 3 day free trial pairs.

Wow, this is simply a great idea by Freshlook as usually you do not get to try lenses before purchasing. But I think we should really thank Freshlook for this as am sure more people out there will sign up for this and give it a try and with this, am sure you'll have more people out there purchasing it.
Now, back to me. Did i sign up for this? Yes, of course I did. I quickly checked for my lenses powers and keyed in all the important information. Now am just waiting patiently for it and don't work girls, I'll surely post about …

Correct the Flaws with Colors

Am pretty sure you have heard about colour correctors right? Now what are those? In brief, its simply a tool o array of colour to help side the flaws or in fact highlight certain areas right before you apply the concealer. As I'm managed to get some info, I just thought I should share it with you here.

To hide redness, all you need is the green shade corrector as it helps to reduce the redness.

To hide dark circles, all you need is a pink shade corrector as it helps to cover the dark circles.

To look bright & fresh, just apply a shade to neutralise such as purple color. And for me, I personally prefer applying white colors powders just to brighten up :-)

Hope this gets useful..

Olive Oil & It's Benefit..

I'm sure most of you out there would have heard about Olive oil and it's benefit. Olive oil is overall the type of oil which can really benefit you from various way and that's the reason most of us do include Olive oil in our daily cooking routine as well. I'm not going to talk anything about cooking over here, as that's a part only my mum is good at but what I would like to share here is about the benefit of Olive Oil to our skin.

I've read about it the magazines and I've also googled about it online before and I realise that it really does do good to your skin and that's also a reason why those skincare lines out there produces their products with Olive Oil included.
Olive oil helps to promote a smooth and radiant complexion, helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin, heals brittle & dry nails as well as soften cuticles and lastly conditions and adds shin to skin. I've managed to extract the details on how you can add them in your daily rout…

Body Shop's Shea Soap

With the current heat out there which is usually humid, our skin gets really dry. So what is the remedy for it? Mostly what we all do is to consume more water plus apply lotion as often as possible. Well, after all what can we do more right?

I simply tried switching to this moisturizing soap which was a gift from my friend. This is actually a shea soap from Body Shop. Now lets see how did it fare.

This of course looks like any other soap, in fact it is the same common shaped and its more onto the beige color. It has a very mild buttery smell and I guess this would suit sensitive skins as well.

Voices' Verdict:
When I used it as part of my daily routine, i felt as thou am applying a lotion as it really did moisturise my skin and it didn't really dry my skin out like the other normal bar soaps. My skin felt more moisturised thru out the day and I liked it as the smell was very mild, infact I don't think you can really smell it at one glance. For a bar soap, I can say…

Bobbi's Color Strip Collections

Bobbi always comes out with wonderful products just to make everyone happy and I can say that this is one of them. Yes, Bobbi Brown has come up with some latest limited edition eye shadow strips and pot rouge strips. This wonderful arrays surely made me so happy so here am i sharing it with you. The colors to be honest would look good on all skin tones and even on tan skin tones like mine.

So did you enjoy looking at those colors? Have you decided which strip to go with? For the price you pay for Bobbi Brown products, I personally feel that the price of RM 110 and RM 120 respectively is alright considering the few array of colors in each strip and this would be great to create smoky eyes effects too.
Now on my favourite strip. Which one do you think I would go for? :) Well, yes my personal choice will be 'Bonfire Eye Shadow Strip' and 'Orchid Eye Shadow Strip'.

Get Nature Smooth & Inner Rich with Asience

Recently Asience brand launched another type of its shampoo which is called ' Asience Nature Smooth'. So now you'll come across another pearly green color bottle compared to the usual gold color bottle. And being very generous, recently they gave away samples of both types of shampoos under their brand to be tried out by the public. How did they do that? Simple!. All the public has to do was to cut out the coupons in the magazines and redeem it at the said counters. And since I'm a fan of all those magazines, i was able to redeem two sets of each type as I had two magazines with me.

Now, what each box of it contained? Well, each of the boxes had a travel size shampoo bottle and a travel size conditioner bottle. I haven't really got a chance to use it yet but do definitely wait for my review alright, but from the feedback's i got from my colleagues and friends, I've heard that it doesn't really ruin your hair and it's worth the money you pay for it.…