Get Nature Smooth & Inner Rich with Asience

Recently Asience brand launched another type of its shampoo which is called ' Asience Nature Smooth'. So now you'll come across another pearly green color bottle compared to the usual gold color bottle. And being very generous, recently they gave away samples of both types of shampoos under their brand to be tried out by the public. How did they do that? Simple!. All the public has to do was to cut out the coupons in the magazines and redeem it at the said counters. And since I'm a fan of all those magazines, i was able to redeem two sets of each type as I had two magazines with me.

Now, what each box of it contained? Well, each of the boxes had a travel size shampoo bottle and a travel size conditioner bottle. I haven't really got a chance to use it yet but do definitely wait for my review alright, but from the feedback's i got from my colleagues and friends, I've heard that it doesn't really ruin your hair and it's worth the money you pay for it. But do also note that shampoos and conditioners react differently for individual hairs so reviews may vary.

But overall thanks to Asience for the complimentary shampoos.


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