Bobbi Brown - Cleansing Oil

Well I have this habit of checking cosmetic websites and I try to find the Malaysian website of it so that I can check if there are any promotions or anything. So as I was checking again and again the Bobbi Brown website, I was surprised that Bobbi Brown has enhanced their website. And the good part of it, they introduced their new Cleansing Oil. And the best part of it was that they gave samples of it for the first 200 people who show the Mobile coupon in their Bobbi Brown counters. And oo yeah they also have Treasure Hunt where you have to burst the bubbles and they have two complimentary gifts in those bubbles. First is their RM180 worth of makeover and another one is the RM50 worth of eyebrow shaping. I tried my luck in it too and I got the RM 180 worth of makeover.

I collected my sample of Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil from Mid Valley stand alone Bobbi Brown counter today and I also redeemed my makeover voucher there. I was asked if I wanted a fresh makeover or a heavy makeover for some special occasion. I just requested for a simple makeover that suits me for work, in brief just a very natural makeup. Well the SA started prepping my skin first as they believe that if the skin base is good then everything goes fine. The SA started applying oil free foundation powder on Honey color. And also a bronzy color blush to suit my skin tone and lastly he lined my eyelids with dark black eyeliner and he also used the bronzy color eye shadow. Sorry guys for forgetting the eye shadow and the blusher color specifically (bad memory I have). But I liked the end results. Pure, simple and natural look. I like the foundation powder which hides all my redness on my skin. And this made me actually purchase the oil free foundation powder.. Will try and update you guys with the review..


  1. when the promotion will last? I'm a commited Bobbi user, and everything I wear is from Bobbi, just need to know whether Mid valley Bobbi brown stand alone offers service to shappened eye brows even outside peomotion dates..?please help.

  2. Harloo..thank you so much for you comment..Bobbi doesnt offer any eye brow shaping services but however they do offer free eye brow shaping if you buy any of their since ur a commited user of Bobbi, jz keep this in mind the next time ur buying their product :-) As for this promotion of cleansing oil, im not really sure if it has ended but try requesting for a sample of their cleansing oil :-) who knows they might have it..


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