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Do we really need to drink WateR?

While driving to work earlier this morning (oo yea am working today, thou I should have took 2 days extra leave to enjoy the break), I was suddenly thinking of benefits of actually drinking more water, as more of my close ones know that its really hard for me to consume more water during the day. Yes, I can never drink plain water unless its sweet (trust me, I have always wished that the plain water has some flavor rather than being blend). But I also know that bringing flavored water which has added sugar is bad for health.

Now wondering how will water benefit our health? I realised this. By consuming more water you can actually help to eliminate body wastes and toxins and of course help to maintain the body Ph balance level in order to prevent and cure disease. Also the most important thing for me is that by consuming more intake of water can actually help you in losing weight without dieting. Wow! Is that really true? Can water help you in losing weight?

Now how much water do you nee…

Rene Furterer - Anti-dandruff Shampoo

With a busy lifestyle where you leave to work at 7am and get back home only earliest by 8pm, and with a client facing job, you would surely want to make sure that your hair is clear and non-greasy. Sadly, i can only achieve that with a special shampoo as i have oily scalp. After searching around for a shampoo that works for myself, finally i landed myself to try Rene Furterer's Melaleuca Shampooing Antipelliculaire (Anti-Dandruff Shampoo) specially formulated for oily, and flaking scalp. Monthly after trying, here am i to share with you the results:-
Description: It doesnt come in a bottle but almost in a tiub similar to our facial cleanser tiubs. The shampoo looks more like a wax with a shade of almost pale yellow. You just have to apply this shampoo to the scalp, massage and rinse. It leaves this very soothing natural smell.
Voices' Verdict: I personally feel that this is one of the shampoo that can be used by those with oily scalp plus those with dandruffs. After using it for a…

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Well, it's time of the year again for us to celebrate Raya, so wishing all Muslims out there especially all those who spends time browsing my blog and also those who loves to leave comments, 'Selamat Hari Raya'. Enjoy yourself with Ketupat and Lemang! And have all fun and walk the memory lane together with your loved ones.

Gap 1969 Premium Jeans

Walking around at the Curve last weekend, trying to fill the day, we were stopped by a few promoters handing to us a brochure on Gap 1969 Premium Jeans. Being curious I asked them on the roadshow and the friendly promoter explained on their Gap 1969 Premium Jeans. Being a person who loves this kind of promotions & roadshows, i surely went into the van to check out their new collections.

This Gap 1969 Premium Jeans is there for all men and women and of all sizes and shapes. For women, they have Sexy Boot, Curvy, Real Straight, Long & Lean, and Always Skinny. And for men, they have Boot, Standard, Easy, Loose and Authentic. You might think that you won't find a jeans that would fit you but trust me you could be wrong because Gap has wonderful variety of jeans to fit all shapes and sizes.
And the best part of Gap that i love is their promotions and friendly gestures of letting people to try out their jeans and various contests during their road shows. Bravo Gap for these wonder…