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Freebies Freebies To Collect...

Am so you would have lately been seeing Estee Lauder's Lil Brown Bottle image and explanations in the newspapers and mags lately. Wanting to give it a try? Wondering where to get the coupon to take the samples? Then you right here at the correct destination.. Just click the the coupon and print it out and redeem it at the nearest Estee Lauder counter.

Also, if you are also dreaming of having a rejuvenated skin, then Lancome's Genifique is just right for you. They say that you can get visibly rejuvenated skin in 7 days, so up to the challenge? If you would like to try the samples then just click the image below and get to the nearest Lancome counter to redeem it.

Get your samples now....

Biosource - Clarifying Exfoliating Gel

As I have been using the Biotherm’s product range lately for my skincare, I kind of thought that I should also include a scrub or better referred as exfoliating gel. So here I went again visiting the Biotherm counter in Metrojaya, Mid valley. Enquired and enquired and the friendly SA introduced me to ‘Biosource – Clarifying Exfoliating Gel’. I asked again and again if the product is ok, skin friendly, etc etc because I didn’t want to spoil my skin once gain. She assured me of course. Now after using for about a month plus now, below is what I feel I should share with you guys out there..

Packaging wise it is nothing fancy. It just comes in a green tube and the gel has this translucent blue-green color. It also has small exfoliating particles. As instructed by the SA, I used it two times a week as I do understand that you can’t use scrub everyday as this will harm your skin. This gel produces a slight lather and as you massage it on your face, you can actually feel the part…

Biotherm once again - Aquasouce Moisturizing Balm

Being a very devoted fan of Biotherm recently as i have been using their skincare products and have also introduced it to my mum and now planning to get my brother to try it, i have another Biotherm product review again. Wow looks like i can be the blogger for Biotherm huh. Haha. Well today i would like to share with you guys my review on BiothermAquasource - Moisturizing balm.
Description: This Biotherm moisturizing balm helps to protect your lips and help to keep it moistured and has its shiny effect when applied. Ooo yeah how can i forgot about it containing SPF8. It's clear in color and has this cherry scent on it.
Voices' Verdict: What i like most of this Moisturizing balm is it's shiny effect it gives you plus the moisturedfeeling you feel on your lips. It stays on your lips for sometime ( longer than the usual lips balms), and you really feel fresh with it's cherry flavor of it. This is always in my handbag now so that everytime i need some shine on my lips to cov…

Benefit's Dallas

Dallas..for some of us who are unfamiliar with Benefit products will be wondering what it all means. Dallas came into my life last month end right after the Benefit workshop. As I was wondering and trying the items there, suddenly my eyes drew attention to this product of their called ‘Dallas’.

By the shape and pattern on the box, I definitely caught my attention. Well it comes in this very cute square box with a pattern of shadow a girl on a horse. And when you open it, you can see this very beautiful shade of sunkissed rose and it comes with a brush which looks so natural and handy.

Voices’ Verdict:
It was said that all you need to do is to sweep Dallas across your cheeks, chin, forehead or anywhere on your face to lift away dullness and to give your complexion a naturally radiant glow. When I tried it, wow I must say. I like the instant natural blush look it gives you thou your skin is more to the tan type. It has a subtle shimmer on it and looks great on you even during t…

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Benefit's Dr. Feel Good

oOo gosh..monday came just too fast and for many of us mondays are days where we are still sleepy in the office plus we have no mood to work as well. Thats how i felt today. While pondering on what to blog about today, i realised that i have not blogged about the Dr. Feel Good from Benefit that i've been trying for a week. So reviews as follows:-

This surely has a very good packaging and it's small enough to actually just fit into your pouch and what more can i say on its catchy name of Dr. Feel Good. Truth to its name, it works the same way too actually. The texture of the weightless balm looks smooth and matte without any color or strong scent.

Voices’ Verdict:
What i love the most of this product is it's ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. You can wear it as a base for any make up and on days where you don't feel like wearing any make-up then u can just wear this all by itself. And the fresh and oil free skin look it gives you is sure…

Bobbi Brown - Hands-on Workshop with Sebastien Tardif

Hey guys, if you missed the other workshops dun worry as Bobbi Brown is organising a 'Hands-on Workshop with Sebastien Tardif'. Now you may wonder who is Sebastien Tardif. Well he is the famous Bobbi Brown's Director of Artistry for Asia Pacific.
You will learn tips and techniques on the latest classic look, Nude, and how they play out on different Asian features and skintone. As asean skin tone is a special one, i guess this is really worth going.
Now when and how much is it? To participate in this, you just have to purchase a RM250 voucher (RM200 redeemable for any Bobbi Brown products). And this will be held on 15th Aug 2009 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KLCC as well as on 16 August 2009 at Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley Megamall.
For further information, you can call any of the Bobbi Brown counters or you can also make a online reservation at
If you guys have any questions, do just leave me a comment as well and i can find o…

Bobbi Brown Fall 09 Nude Collection

Well if you are a lover for nude or earthy colors, then i think this post is specially for you. Bobbi Brown has recently come out with their 'Bobbi Brown Fall 09 Nude Collection'. All the colors looks really earthy and natural and since i love this kind of colors, i kind of fall for this :-). Anyway their key item for this collection is their Nude Eye Palette for RM 190, Eye Shadow Brush for RM 100, Nude Shimmer Brick at RM 145, Face Blender Brush at RM 170, Long Wear Gel Liner at RM 70, Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush at RM 90, Creamy Lip Color at RM 75 and Blush for RM 80. So guys, going out for it?
Wait! Not only that, they have also come up with the 'Build your Custom Palette'. The empty palette costs about RM 40 and the price gets added according to the eyeshadows, blushers & lip colors that you choose. So with a rough calculation of choosing a 3 Pan Palette with a choice of eye shadow, a choice of blusher and a choice of Lip color comes to a price of RM 258. Now do…

Bobbi Brown - Cleansing Oil

When i got back from the Benefit Workshop last week, i was finding for a cleanser for my face after that workshop as i kind of applied lotsa makeup stuff. It then hit my mind that i have the new Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil. All i did my to pour the texture in my palm and massage it for 20 seconds on my dry face. Right after that i added a bit of water on my face and massage it once again. It had this soapy feeling and to my surprise all my makeup was gone and i did not have the oily feeling on my face!. All i had was this refreshed feeling. So i can conclude that this would be a cleansing oil that i don't mind purchasing as it doesnt have the oily texture and it comes in this very easy to use and classic packaging.