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L'Occitane: Extra Gentle Soap

Well yes, i do agree that i love products such as bath gels and soap. Yes, especially those handmade ones. The last time i went down to Bali, i quickly grabbed different kind of handmade soups. So when L'Occitane had its Christmas set last year, i got myself some of the value packs. So here is my first review on L'Occitane's Extra Gentle Soap.

Description: The shape was just square shaped and it was pure beige in color which truly shows that it's pure. It's wrapped properly and the details on the soap was described in its cover. The moment i opened the wrapper, i was taken away by its smell. Yes it has some kind of lemon grass type of scent in it.
Voices' Verdict: True to it's name, the soap was really gentle of course. Every time i use it, i can feel the freshness it gives my skin and the scent really awakens you. I usually use it in the morning just to wake me up and prepare me for the day. It is so gentle that i doesn't irritate your skin especially for…

Introducing Rexona Shower Clean

Staying in a country where the weather is hot and humid most of the time, am sure we need something to make us feel fresh. And with all this, the only thing that would come to mind is deodorants. There's a few types of deodorants like the roll on, dry stick and spray and I'm someone who prefers the spray type. And guess what, my vote goes to Rexona as I'm a faithful fan of them. Currently am using Rexona Women in Passion.
I've been waiting for their new range which is all out in advertisements. Yes, that's their 'Rexona Shower Clean' range. Apparently it makes you feel fresh, clean and dry throughout the day. Now that's what we want right. Ooo yeah by the way, of course the packaging of this range, ie. the blue color packaging has made me go gaga over it as yes am a fan of blue.
I've been hearing that you can get it in local supermarkets and places like Watsons, so why waiting, go grab yourself one. I'm going to do just that soon guys. To rexona, …

My Latest Addiction

My latest addiction has gone to where? Most of you would be wondering where, am sure. Yes, to answer you, it has gone to contact lenses. Recently strolling around Alamanda has made me wish for a colored contact lenses. Being a loyal glasses wearer, i thought of opting for a chance. After all life is fun only when you add of some spice to it right. But there's still many questions unanswered for myself like which brand to choose? Which color would suit me? Etc.
I went to the opticians and asked if they have any samples for me to try before wearing. But sadly their answer is no of course. There are some wonderful brands out there like FreshKon, Freshlook, etc. Colors..well variety of arrays from greys to browns to blues to greens to amethyst. Now which color suits me? How can i decide without trying on my eyes right? I realised that FreshKon in Singapore offers free trial lens, and now i wish is that Malaysia has it too :) as i couldn't even google to check what color suits a cer…