My Latest Addiction

My latest addiction has gone to where? Most of you would be wondering where, am sure. Yes, to answer you, it has gone to contact lenses. Recently strolling around Alamanda has made me wish for a colored contact lenses. Being a loyal glasses wearer, i thought of opting for a chance. After all life is fun only when you add of some spice to it right. But there's still many questions unanswered for myself like which brand to choose? Which color would suit me? Etc.

I went to the opticians and asked if they have any samples for me to try before wearing. But sadly their answer is no of course. There are some wonderful brands out there like FreshKon, Freshlook, etc. Colors..well variety of arrays from greys to browns to blues to greens to amethyst. Now which color suits me? How can i decide without trying on my eyes right? I realised that FreshKon in Singapore offers free trial lens, and now i wish is that Malaysia has it too :) as i couldn't even google to check what color suits a certain skin tone. So if any lens retailers are listening this, why don't you guys include trials as well? As this would allow more people to try it before buying.

As now back to myself, I've landed myself to the brand i show above for now as their FreshKon Mosaic range looks beautiful and natural, but i have yet to choose the color as I've no idea which color to choose. I don't want to simply choose one and how if it doesn't really suit me. oOo yeah by the way FreshKon Mosaic range costs RM75 a box.

If you guys happen to know any trial lenses around in kl, please feel free to let me know :)


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