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Get Me Some Purple Shades..

With the heat which is still around the corner, you rarely would want to go out. Am i right over here? Well, since early February if am not mistaken, the weather has been really hot and humid out there. And for people like me with migraines, well it some times makes it worst and i guess the only cure is to drink lots of water. Well, I am trying to drink more water now, trust me :-).

So with me not wanting to go out of the house unless I have some important errants to be done, i filled my time with some experiment on Ianti's Nail Polish. Yes, and its 'Ruby Purple' shade. Erm, I've been quite amazed with how purple turns out looking good on tan skins so here I went getting it in this color of my choice.

The thing i like about this nail polish brand is that it has more arrays of colors and trust me its easy to apply too as it dries out fast. And oo yea how can i forget that it also stays longer as it doesn't really chip easily. And overall its cheap too. So if you woul…