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WonderBox November - The Classic Black Ribbon

Introducing Malaysia's version of beauty box 'WonderBox'!!!

The moment I actually signed up for their services, I couldn't then wait for them to send me the boxes and it was double surprise when they announced that they'll be sending two different version for their WonderBox November. Yup! you're right, its either the black ribbon one or the pink ribbon one, and it's according to your beauty profile.

So anxiously I waiting for it and my bad that it actually arrived when I was in Penang for a business trip. But immediately when i got home, i decided to check it out. A lot of you out there might already know what was in the 'pink' ribbon box. Now, its time to reveal what was in the 'BLACK' ribbon box.

Here you go, WonderBox November edition..

Together with this they have also included RM 35 off voucher for SAMPAR and RM 50 off voucher from Jurlique

Was I happy with what i received? Yes, of course I am. And was it worth the payment made? Yes, defini…

Jonhson's Baby Bedtime Oil

A while ago when i went for a foot massage, I was actually told by the therapist that i have dry skin (something that i'll surely agree) and he actually advised me that if it's not treated well, of course i would not really have smooth legs. But my therapist didn't just stop there. He actually advised me to try Johnson's Baby   Oil.

Of course Johnson's has a few types of baby oil but after pondering and looking at each of it, i actually decided to get the 'Johnson's Baby Bedtime Oil' which is said to release NATURALCALM essences. Apparently, this also helps you to have a better sleep.
I've of course tried this for few months now and i must say that my skin has surely improved. And what i like the most is that the oil is not greasy and stick to you. Instead it just fades away after you have give it a good rub. And the extra plus point is the smell of the oil. It naturally releases a very calming smell which just makes me feel relaxed.
Now, this is an…