Jonhson's Baby Bedtime Oil

A while ago when i went for a foot massage, I was actually told by the therapist that i have dry skin (something that i'll surely agree) and he actually advised me that if it's not treated well, of course i would not really have smooth legs. But my therapist didn't just stop there. He actually advised me to try Johnson's Baby   Oil.

Of course Johnson's has a few types of baby oil but after pondering and looking at each of it, i actually decided to get the 'Johnson's Baby Bedtime Oil' which is said to release NATURALCALM essences. Apparently, this also helps you to have a better sleep.

I've of course tried this for few months now and i must say that my skin has surely improved. And what i like the most is that the oil is not greasy and stick to you. Instead it just fades away after you have give it a good rub. And the extra plus point is the smell of the oil. It naturally releases a very calming smell which just makes me feel relaxed.

Now, this is another added routine before i get to bed :-).


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