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Estee Lauder Time Zone Eye Cream

As i was browsing the web for more info about whats on sales, whats new & etc. Got bumped into this. So for those lovely Estee Lauder fan's out there, this one is for you :)
Estee Lauder is introducing their new Estee Lauder Time Zone. From the source of Estee Lauder, " 'New for Eyes' In just 4 weeks, see a dramatic reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles and reclaim the smooth, radiant, fresh skin you want. Our exclusive skin-revitalizing technologies make visible age reversal a reality."
And guess what, their also giving away samples. Yes, samples for us to try, so thank you Estee Lauder for the generosity. So gals, get to the Estee Lauder counters for your sample of new Time Zone Eye Cream. Source: shopping n sales

Start the year with a Great Win - Kerastase Mini's

It's my first day off work after a really longg week. Trust me, when i say long week, it means a break for about 3 weeks from work! Yes! I had fun. So imagine how active i'll feel today being my first day of work :). While browsing the net, i came accross this New Year contest by this wonderful blogger. After all the best way to start the new year is by giving :). So before i carry on further, thank you so much for this wonderful contests.

Now wondering what's so great about Kerastase or perhaps what's special about this? Well, it is seriously great as it's a place where you can get to try all type of Kerastase items. Thou in mini's but being able to try it is a great deal right.

Tadaaa!! Yes that the picture taken from the blog contest. So if you would like to know further on how this whole set looks like or to know further on this contest, just feel free to visit this page :). And to myself, all the best as i just love this set!

Smell fresh like a Baby..

When you first wake up in the morning most of us will surely feel lazy, especially on a Monday when you have to wake up early for work or classes. After taking bath, yes you'll feel much fresher but 100% fresh? I doubt it as we are still sleepy or our mind says 'lets get to bed or lets just chill'. As for myself I really feel fresh when i apply this specific cologne that gives me fresh and cool feel through out the day. Now are you wondering if am using a baby product as my title says so? Yes, i am and today's review is about Johnson's Baby Cologne in Morning Dew. And trust me, of course this can be used my adults too :)
Description: This is a gentle, midly scented cologne that can be used after bath to give u a fresh and cool feeling. I choosed the 'morning dew' scented one. Why? 2 seasons. One is of course because the smell is fresh and the second reason is before it comes in a purple packaging ( yes, I go crazy over purple nowadays :) ).
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Say Hello to 2010!

So it's a new year now..a new beginning to many of us and lotsa new list of resolutions set of both 'I wana do and I won't do', thou hey some of us will break it within the first week ( i do at times ;) ) but two those who succeed i would say that you did a great job. As im typing this off, I feel so fresh thinking its a brand new beginning and started pondering on my resolutions (oo yea, i do set mine too).
So yes my resolutions for this new 2010 is :-
Spend more time with loved ones. Yes, for the past year, i've been quite hooked with work that i sometimes ignore spending more time with them. So this year its gonna be a balanced relationship :)
Exercise, Exercise and Exercise. Well over the last one year, i've just maintained or put on some weight when am actually supposed to reduce some. So thou i cant run 10km a day, but perhaps at least 20 mins on the threadmill will do.
Actively update my blog. Blogging to be honest is my hobby as i love writing but the past …