Smell fresh like a Baby..

When you first wake up in the morning most of us will surely feel lazy, especially on a Monday when you have to wake up early for work or classes. After taking bath, yes you'll feel much fresher but 100% fresh? I doubt it as we are still sleepy or our mind says 'lets get to bed or lets just chill'. As for myself I really feel fresh when i apply this specific cologne that gives me fresh and cool feel through out the day. Now are you wondering if am using a baby product as my title says so? Yes, i am and today's review is about Johnson's Baby Cologne in Morning Dew. And trust me, of course this can be used my adults too :)

This is a gentle, midly scented cologne that can be used after bath to give u a fresh and cool feeling. I choosed the 'morning dew' scented one. Why? 2 seasons. One is of course because the smell is fresh and the second reason is before it comes in a purple packaging ( yes, I go crazy over purple nowadays :) ).

Voices' Verdict:
I've been using this for about a month now and I usually everyday after bath as this surely gives myself the fresh and cool feeling. Its also my favourite as it's mildy scented and it doesnt dry out my skin like some of the other cologne's might. I'll surely repurchase it once im out of it's supply as its price is affordable and yes it makes me feel all good :).

Alcohol Denat., Water, Fragrance, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil.


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