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Bamboo Sap Patch: Brings Me Close to Nature..

Have you ever hear about the 'Bamboo Sap Patch' by The Essence of Nature? This is made in Korea using the tree saps and I was happy to get this sample in one of my VT box and how can I not try it right?

For those of you who have very minimum information on this, sap patch absorbs accumulated wastes and toxic materials in the body and  promotes the circulation of the blood to make your body refreshes and light. The Essence of Nature has a good array of different type of sap patch such as Forest Sap Patch, Bamboo Sap Patch, Eucalyptus Sap Patch, Rose Sap Patch, Lavender Sap Patch, Slimming Sap Patch and Warm Sap Patch.

The one that I tried was Bamboo Sap Patch which is said to promote the circulation of blood and metabolism by making the body warm. All I did was to stick it on the sole of my foot and I left it overnight. Of course in order to see the real benefit behind this, it is recommended to use it much often but I can say that this one was sufficient enough to make me feel r…

Vanity Trove's November Surprise Box

As usual i get really excited when i receive call from FedEx to inform that my Vanity Trove box has arrived.  My Vanity Trove box just arrived today morning and i was just waiting to get back home to check what's the surprises this time around.

So to you girls out there, have a look at Vanity Trove November box!

Lets zoom in to see the contents.. the full overview!

Was i excited after seeing this? Somehow i feel that maybe something is really missing as most of the things in my boxes were sample sizes. And the card also shows about some BB cream and i dont see it at all. 

Let's see what next month's box got to offer.