Vanity Trove's November Surprise Box

As usual i get really excited when i receive call from FedEx to inform that my Vanity Trove box has arrived.  My Vanity Trove box just arrived today morning and i was just waiting to get back home to check what's the surprises this time around.

So to you girls out there, have a look at Vanity Trove November box!

Lets zoom in to see the contents.. the full overview!

Ujene Switzerland's 'Collagen Eye Gel'
Neogence 'Extremely Off Heads Serum'
Ichikami's Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Treatment Tube
Vitacreme B12 Regenerative Cream, Za 'Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel' and Uriage 'Moisturising Refreshing Creme Gel'

Adore 'Sanitary Pad'

Was i excited after seeing this? Somehow i feel that maybe something is really missing as most of the things in my boxes were sample sizes. And the card also shows about some BB cream and i dont see it at all. 

Let's see what next month's box got to offer.


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