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Have a Luxurious Bath with Lush

A few months ago I wrote a post on my Lush hauls back from Singapore and can you remember that gift box that I bought along? Still remember them? Want to know what's inside the box? Well after almost a month, I finally decided to open the box (yea, the box was wrapped so beautifully that I didn't have the heart to tear them away).

This is the box..Isn't it nicely wrapped? And together with the blue ribbon, it's simply amazing :-).

The box also had the sticker above written ' This gift was lovingly hand packed by Iwona's Team'. I must say that I love this kind of personal touch that are put in to any products. It kind of brings the product much closer to you I must say..

The box was filled with tiny sponges that I believe helps to keep the products in perfect shapes, especially those soaps. And it surely did it's job well as none of my products were damaged.

So what did I have in my gift box? Here you go..

I purposely selected this box as it contained mainly …

January's Modbox - A bright year ahead

When this month arrived, I was just eagerly waiting for my surprise boxes. You know sometimes you just want to get excited over something :p. And the first box that arrived was from Modbox. It was slightly delayed this month but not too late, so it's alright. 

When I first opened it, I was wondering why yellow ribbon? Only then to realise that it symbolised brightness. A bright new year indeed. Then of course I went to the content. You want to have a look at what they have to surprise us this time? Here you go..

So which one is my favourite from this box you may ask. Of course it's the handmade soap from Claire Organics and also the body lotion from Sante's. All coz i love handmade soaps and always keep trying different types and review them where I can. So watch out for this Aloe Vera soap review after i've tried them.

Office Cosmetics

Remember the Office Cosmetics Lip Gloss set in my November WonderBox? Can't recall? Alright, maybe the photo below might ring a bell..

The packaging was so adorable that I didn't want to actually use them. I guess most of us go through that right. But well, today since I had some, yes i mean some spare time, I decided to finally do some swatches of it.

As I'm someone that likes natural look, of course my choice is the last swatch. This is more like a brownish tint. Tried applying on my lips and one thing I like is that it doesn't really feel sticky like some of the lip glosses out there. And the plus point is as it's not so heavily pigmented, you can layer them with other lipstick of your choice too :-) 

January's VanityTrove Box

I think this post should have gone out way way earlier but my apologies for the delay. But well better late then never right. So I would like to share with you a glimpse of my January VanityTrove. 

For this new year, the major improvement or perhaps enhancement that VanityTrove did was to their lovely card which details out the items that you have received. They have now replaced it with a mini booklet type. Yes, it has more information of products and also some tips on makeup and etc. However, you do get slighlty confused with the infomation or pictures there. Just like how excited I was when I saw the photo of La Mer's Moisturing Soft Cream at the cover page. I thought we were getting samples of them. I personally preferred the card then had before. Nice and right to the point. But well, everyone has their own perceptions right. 

So, what's in this trove? Scroll down to find out..

Time for some close up photos..

This is actually my last trove shipped from Singapore if im not mis…

' The Lilac Box ' - The Premier Box

So you saw my post yesterday about the various beauty boxes that's currently available in Malaysia and you're eager to know more about this new kid on the block 'The Lilac Box? Then you have just got to the right post.

The Lilac Box is the new beauty box service where they let their subscribers to experience 4 or 5 different products every month via samples. So what's the difference with the other boxes out there you wonder? Well, The Lilac Box subscribers get only premium brands in their boxes. Say after trying the product, you liked them, you can then get the full sized product with heavy discounts available only for The Lilac Box subscribers. Isn't that amazing? oOo yea, you get to also view growing tips, how to videos and up to date beauty news directly from the companies. Below are some of the brands that have signed up for The Lilac Box, so you expect this brand in the boxes :-)

All this is available only for RM 35 per box and you enjoy sayings if you subscribe…

Beauty Boxes in Malaysia!

Yea you're right, the current bug on beauty boxes has hit me too! You wouldn't be surprised with the amount of boxes that i've subscribed for till now. My post will be able to give you a hint over them :-). Anyway with the recent hype of the beauty boxes and from a country that didn't have any beauty boxes, we are now filled with wonderful arrays of beauty box services. So this post is basically to list down all the boxes that's available, yes available in Malaysia for subscription. 

VanityTrove was actually the first beauty box that I actually purchased. At that time, VanityTrove Singapore used to ship their boxes to Malaysia. But now, we have our very own VanityTrove Malaysia. They'll be shipping their first box from VanityTrove Malaysia in Feb :)

From VanityTrove Singapore's trove, I was pretty happy with the amount of items that's in their troves every month. And the thing that attracts me in the different themes that they set every month.…