Beauty Boxes in Malaysia!

Yea you're right, the current bug on beauty boxes has hit me too! You wouldn't be surprised with the amount of boxes that i've subscribed for till now. My post will be able to give you a hint over them :-). Anyway with the recent hype of the beauty boxes and from a country that didn't have any beauty boxes, we are now filled with wonderful arrays of beauty box services. So this post is basically to list down all the boxes that's available, yes available in Malaysia for subscription. 


VanityTrove was actually the first beauty box that I actually purchased. At that time, VanityTrove Singapore used to ship their boxes to Malaysia. But now, we have our very own VanityTrove Malaysia. They'll be shipping their first box from VanityTrove Malaysia in Feb :)

From VanityTrove Singapore's trove, I was pretty happy with the amount of items that's in their troves every month. And the thing that attracts me in the different themes that they set every month. It's simply unique :) Just like VanityTrove Malaysia's theme of 'Its all about Love' for the month of February and you usually get their box the month before as well.  And what's amazing is the red carpet events that they are organising too. I missed their first one but hope to go for many more as you get to meet with industry expects and learn from them.

Price: RM 60 / per box



WonderBox was the box that came to Malaysia after FabulousFinds. And what was the first thing that attracted me to subscribe to their service was actually the black and white box of theirs. How they tied the ribbons to their boxes, that sometimes you don't have the heart to even open them. And their Wonderpoint concept is simply amazing. Yes, you get extra points when you post about them or even do product surveys too.

Price: RM 39.90 / per box



ModBox, yes the purple coloured box!. I think if ever I had my own beauty box service, I would go with the same shade of colours too due to my love over the shade purple. It's quite a reasonably price and they ship on the first week of the month too. What's different with Modbox is the concept of 'Modshop' in their website where you can actually purchase online the products that you sampled.

Price: RM 19.00 / per box and delivery charges of RM 9 (Pen Msia) and RM 11 (east Msia) 



Cosmobox is a beauty box by Box Culture. I wonder why is the name of the box different actually. I've not purchased their boxes however from their website and various reviews out there, the box looks like a pretty decent box with highly reputable brands. Not able to comment much as i've not purchased them but all I can say is that they have a nice box out there and the design is really nice. Gives the sex and the city feel :p.

Price: RM 99.00 per 3 months 



Mivva is a new service in Malaysia and shipped their debut box in December 2012. I've not actually purchased their boxes however, i've heard pretty good reviews on their debut box. Let's see how they roll in 2013.

Price: RM 38.00 / per month



I've actually heard that BBF was one of the earliest beauty box service which was available in Malaysia. I've not subscribed for their services. But I see that they have different types. What do I mean? Well, they too have BBF boxes for Men apart from just the one for us girls.

Price: RM 40 / per month


The Lilac Box

Yes, this is the new box in town! Coming to us exclusively in Feb 2013. What's the wow factor here you wonder? Well they are bringing to us only the premium brand from the beauty and cosmetics world. And guess what, even during this sign up periods, you get freebies from brands such as Chloe, Burberry & CK when you sign up. Isn't that cool? I simply can't wait to share their debut box with you soon.

Price: RM 35 / per month. 


This was one of the first boxes that I came across which got me all hyped over beauty boxes. However, I wasn't lucky enough to purchase them as they no longer in operation.

So have you signed up to try this boxes? Why wait? Just click the link above and experience one yourself! And if you happen to know on the other boxes that arrives in Malaysia, just drop me a message and I'll update this post.


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