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The Weekly's Hunky Hubbies Search 2009

As i was checking my mail, this mail suddenly popped up. Well i can't participate on this one as im still single but to those of you out there who are married and have this super man, then nominate him for The Weekly's Hunky Hubbies Search 2009!. You can actually mail his photos and tell them why do you nominate him. Or if you think you would want to just get to the roadshow, then visit Mid Valley (North Court) on 1st Aug 2009 at 2pm - 5pm and get him nominated. The plus point! is the first 30 readers who signs up for this will get goodie bag with Lancome products.. So hurry for it :-)

Biotherm - Travelling Kit

Yesterday as i was walking towards The Gardens for my Benefit workshop, i remembered that I got this sms from Biotherm about its free travelling kit for the first 50 people who shows that sms. As i was already there at about 1.30 pm, i thought of just going over to check if they still have it. Enquired with the SA and thank god i was early as i was the person number 45 to redeem it. Well why wanna ignore it if im entitled to it right and also when im a avid user of Biotherm.

So below was the Biotherm product in that kit:
- Biosource Clarifying - Cleansing Gel
- Aquasource Moisturizing balm - protective lip care - shiny effect
- Aquasource Superserum - Intensely moisturizing - oligo - thermal concentrate
- Biosource - clarifying lotion

Not bad not bad..heheh..but i realised only now that they did not include Aquasource Non Stop oligo-thermal gel - intense moisturization. Hmm :-( well guess its ok.

Benefit Fabulous Flawless workshop

Remember about the Benefit Fabulous Flawless workshop I blogged about somewhere last month? Well I signed up for today’s section as 2pm at the Event Room in The Gardens. This is the very first time they have done such a beauty workshop and this is also the very first time I’m attending such a workshop. Not expecting much, I reached by destination at about 1.55pm. It was at the 1st floor of The Gardens. This event room is a small room where I guess they do most of their events. This room was decorated to address the Benefit’s event. So of course with all the deco’s, balloons and make-up items in all the tables made the room so cozy and perfect. To be honest I liked the ambience it created.

There were refreshments served varying from buns to beautiful pink cupcakes (maybe pink was chosen as it is benefit’s color)..Anyway what was good was each table (2 people per table) has an array of products that will be used during the workshop. So everyone had Benefit make-up products in front of th…

Origins – Sensory Therapy - Peace of Mind - Gumballs

Ok Ok, am sure my now you are already wondering why is she suddenly getting Origin’s Gumballs? Is it all worth it? Is it expensive? Well there was this one day where I was looking at their Product Guide and my eyes caught this product of theirs. So my review as below:
These gumballs come in cute containers and the one I got is the smaller containers as I just wanted to try it. It’s round of course since it is gumballs ;) and its pure white in color. It gives you this tingly taste as it has peppermint included.
Voices’ Verdict:
To be honest, I love chewing gums especially when im working or perhaps this habit started since I started working in the consultancy line. Anyway I personally like this gumballs as it’s not HARD like the other gumballs I used to get before. This gumball is soft and earlier to be chewed. Secondly I love it’s peppermint flavor as it wakes me up. The price might be a lil’ expensive for gumballs but no hard trying it once..
Container with 20 Gumballs …

Reviews - Coming Soon!


Hey guys.. Sorry been so bz that im unable to update the blog from time to time. Anyway watch out for the coming reviews of the products below:-

1) Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil - Posted
2) Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish Compact Foundation
3) Hugo Boss - Eau de Toilette for Women
4) Biotherm - White D-Tox (Cellular) Corrective Make-up Base
5) Sensory Therapy - Peace of Mind Gumballs - Posted

Till then if you have any questions regarding the above products, jz drop me a comment.. Thanks..

Origins – Sensory Therapy, Peace of Mind

Origins recently came out with their Sensory Therapy range. The one am going to review here is the Peace of Mind – On the spot relief. So my reviews as follows:
Description: This on the spot relief with the mind clearing formula can help to melt away pressure and tension within minute. All you have to do is massage a portion (pea sized) of the lotion at the back of your neck and temples and breathe deeply. This ‘Peace of Mind’ comes in a cute packaging and has a green colored lotion. It also has peppermint fragrance.

Voices’ Verdict: As I’m a person who is prone to headache’s thou am not quite sure on the cause of it, I decided to just give it a try. I like the peppermint fragrance of it as it helps to soothe and calm myself as its true that fragrances such as peppermint helps to calm you. The liquid is also not oily so which means you can just apply it anytime. I can’t say it helps to make my headache go away or what but all I can say is that it helps me to stay calm and release stress…

Bobbi Brown - Cleansing Oil

Well I have this habit of checking cosmetic websites and I try to find the Malaysian website of it so that I can check if there are any promotions or anything. So as I was checking again and again the Bobbi Brown website, I was surprised that Bobbi Brown has enhanced their website. And the good part of it, they introduced their new Cleansing Oil. And the best part of it was that they gave samples of it for the first 200 people who show the Mobile coupon in their Bobbi Brown counters. And oo yeah they also have Treasure Hunt where you have to burst the bubbles and they have two complimentary gifts in those bubbles. First is their RM180 worth of makeover and another one is the RM50 worth of eyebrow shaping. I tried my luck in it too and I got the RM 180 worth of makeover.

I collected my sample of Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil from Mid Valley stand alone Bobbi Brown counter today and I also redeemed my makeover voucher there. I was asked if I wanted a fresh makeover or a heavy makeover for so…

Parkson Shopping Spree 2009.

Hey guys as most of you beauty bloggers know, yesterday (11 July) was Parkson’s shopping spree. Well they even gave goodie bag worth RM 200 for the first 500 people who register. But yeah you must have the cutting from the female, Eh! And another mag (sorry guys I really forgot the name of the mag).

So being curious on what goodies will be given, I kind of decided to go get it. I arrived there about 10 am and to my surprise there was already a long line of about 50 people. Wow. That was definitely so fast I thought as Pavillion opens only at 10am. So it kind of makes me wonder how this much of crowd managed to go in. Guess from the car park and stuff. Anyway below is the photo of what was in the goodie bag. Kinda worth it of course as they even had some Parkson vouchers.
And if you spend more than RM 100 yesterday in Parkson, you too get to redeem a Dior gift. So above is also a photo of the gift I got. Will try those stuffs and post and update you guys after trying those products. Til…

d’ Hair Shop Paris – Deep Moisturizing Shampoo & Shampoo Bar

d’ Hair Shop Paris opened its new branch in mid valley few months back and I got a chance to try their shampoo plus their shampoo bar. I actually got it during their 50% promotion as a gift to their client during their new branch opening. Catch my reviews as follows:
Description: The deep moisturizing shampoo comes in this purple triangle shaped bottle and the shampoo bar is round in shape. The color of the bottle and the shampoo bar actually varies according to the type of shampoo as they do have shampoos for colored hair etc. So you can actually expect to see colorful bottles of shampoos in this shop.
Voices’ Verdict: The SA told me that one of their best sellers is their deep moisturizing shampoo. I tried the shampoo back home and I personally feel that this shampoo has good fragrance and is really gentle to your hair, so this shampoo would be really good for those with thin hair. Sadly, since my hair is really thick, I had to use quite a bit volume of the shampoo. However, like said …