Origins – Sensory Therapy - Peace of Mind - Gumballs

Ok Ok, am sure my now you are already wondering why is she suddenly getting Origin’s Gumballs? Is it all worth it? Is it expensive? Well there was this one day where I was looking at their Product Guide and my eyes caught this product of theirs. So my review as below:

These gumballs come in cute containers and the one I got is the smaller containers as I just wanted to try it. It’s round of course since it is gumballs ;) and its pure white in color. It gives you this tingly taste as it has peppermint included.

Voices’ Verdict:
To be honest, I love chewing gums especially when im working or perhaps this habit started since I started working in the consultancy line. Anyway I personally like this gumballs as it’s not HARD like the other gumballs I used to get before. This gumball is soft and earlier to be chewed. Secondly I love it’s peppermint flavor as it wakes me up. The price might be a lil’ expensive for gumballs but no hard trying it once..

Container with 20 Gumballs for RM 13.50


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