Bobbi Brown - Cleansing Oil

When i got back from the Benefit Workshop last week, i was finding for a cleanser for my face after that workshop as i kind of applied lotsa makeup stuff. It then hit my mind that i have the new Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil.
All i did my to pour the texture in my palm and massage it for 20 seconds on my dry face. Right after that i added a bit of water on my face and massage it once again. It had this soapy feeling and to my surprise all my makeup was gone and i did not have the oily feeling on my face!. All i had was this refreshed feeling. So i can conclude that this would be a cleansing oil that i don't mind purchasing as it doesnt have the oily texture and it comes in this very easy to use and classic packaging.


  1. I was trying to find the price for this Cleansing you have any idea how much is it? From your review, im more tempted to get it now. Hope it works for my skin..

  2. Hi Nadira..if am not mistaken its now sold at RM140 per bottle. And i think it would last you a while too :-)..


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