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Winning Babor with Thelilacbox

How do you feel when you actually win something? Super excited and happy right? And that's the same feeling so matter how big or small the win could be. One fine day, I just tried my luck by participating in a online facebook content organised by 'thelilacbox'. All you had to do was to complete a slogan of 'Babor makes me confident because...". Now what's the price? Its a hamper of products from Babor, Babor High Skin Refiner set worth RM 899.

So without wasting much time and with my little creativity, I wrote the following  slogan. Babor makes me confident because it's all about making women '[B]old, [A]dmirable, [B]eautiful, [O]n-top-of-the-world, [R]adiant.

I anxiously wanted for the results and guess what, I was one of the 5 lucky winners to win the contest. Yahooo!!! Wanna see what I won? Just have a glimpse below :-)

I have yet to try them but will surely do and keep you posted on my experience.
Thank you 'thelilacbox' for the wonderful o…

WonderBox May 2013 Edition

It's been a while that i've updated the blog due to some really busy period. Apologies ladies for not updating the blog with the wonderful products that I received. Anyway without further due, lets dive in to the WonderBox Malaysia's May 2013 edition.

I'm sure you're wondering why am I still taking the photo of the box. Well, simply because it's tied with a BLUE ribbon. And blue is one of my favourite color. It looks really good right. The box itself was heavy and of course I was really curious to see what was in it.

Yes, below are all the products that was in the box. It was of course a good amount of products with a really reasonable size. Sumhow, a lot of the stuff in the box were blue in color. Was it some blue fever or something? Haha, alright ignore that please. Lets zoom in and see what they have. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boast Mask (2 sachets)
It's clinically proven to boost skin moisture level 14 times and prevent moisture loss. It holds 25% more Hydro Boost …