Parkson Shopping Spree 2009.

Hey guys as most of you beauty bloggers know, yesterday (11 July) was Parkson’s shopping spree. Well they even gave goodie bag worth RM 200 for the first 500 people who register. But yeah you must have the cutting from the female, Eh! And another mag (sorry guys I really forgot the name of the mag).

So being curious on what goodies will be given, I kind of decided to go get it. I arrived there about 10 am and to my surprise there was already a long line of about 50 people. Wow. That was definitely so fast I thought as Pavillion opens only at 10am. So it kind of makes me wonder how this much of crowd managed to go in. Guess from the car park and stuff. Anyway below is the photo of what was in the goodie bag. Kinda worth it of course as they even had some Parkson vouchers.

And if you spend more than RM 100 yesterday in Parkson, you too get to redeem a Dior gift. So above is also a photo of the gift I got. Will try those stuffs and post and update you guys after trying those products. Till then visit by blog frequently to check the updates :-)


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