Biotherm - Travelling Kit

Yesterday as i was walking towards The Gardens for my Benefit workshop, i remembered that I got this sms from Biotherm about its free travelling kit for the first 50 people who shows that sms. As i was already there at about 1.30 pm, i thought of just going over to check if they still have it. Enquired with the SA and thank god i was early as i was the person number 45 to redeem it. Well why wanna ignore it if im entitled to it right and also when im a avid user of Biotherm.

So below was the Biotherm product in that kit:

- Biosource Clarifying - Cleansing Gel

- Aquasource Moisturizing balm - protective lip care - shiny effect

- Aquasource Superserum - Intensely moisturizing - oligo - thermal concentrate

- Biosource - clarifying lotion

Not bad not bad..heheh..but i realised only now that they did not include Aquasource Non Stop oligo-thermal gel - intense moisturization. Hmm :-( well guess its ok.


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