d’ Hair Shop Paris – Deep Moisturizing Shampoo & Shampoo Bar

d’ Hair Shop Paris opened its new branch in mid valley few months back and I got a chance to try their shampoo plus their shampoo bar. I actually got it during their 50% promotion as a gift to their client during their new branch opening. Catch my reviews as follows:

The deep moisturizing shampoo comes in this purple triangle shaped bottle and the shampoo bar is round in shape. The color of the bottle and the shampoo bar actually varies according to the type of shampoo as they do have shampoos for colored hair etc. So you can actually expect to see colorful bottles of shampoos in this shop.

Voices’ Verdict:
The SA told me that one of their best sellers is their deep moisturizing shampoo. I tried the shampoo back home and I personally feel that this shampoo has good fragrance and is really gentle to your hair, so this shampoo would be really good for those with thin hair. Sadly, since my hair is really thick, I had to use quite a bit volume of the shampoo. However, like said before, it will surely benefit the ones with thin hair. Now as for the shampoo bar, it is really handy and small which means you can bring it together with you anywhere you go (even in the plane as it’s a bar not a liquid). I find it really useful especially when you’re travelling. So heads up for d’Hair Shop Paris for creating or in fact for having to come up with this unique idea of shampoo bar.

Deep Moisturizing Shampoo - 250 ml for RM 35.90 / Shampoo Bar for RM 13.90


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