Benefit Fabulous Flawless workshop

Remember about the Benefit Fabulous Flawless workshop I blogged about somewhere last month? Well I signed up for today’s section as 2pm at the Event Room in The Gardens. This is the very first time they have done such a beauty workshop and this is also the very first time I’m attending such a workshop. Not expecting much, I reached by destination at about 1.55pm. It was at the 1st floor of The Gardens. This event room is a small room where I guess they do most of their events. This room was decorated to address the Benefit’s event. So of course with all the deco’s, balloons and make-up items in all the tables made the room so cozy and perfect. To be honest I liked the ambience it created.

There were refreshments served varying from buns to beautiful pink cupcakes (maybe pink was chosen as it is benefit’s color)..Anyway what was good was each table (2 people per table) has an array of products that will be used during the workshop. So everyone had Benefit make-up products in front of them making it easy for them to try when the presenter explained. Basically this workshop was all about applying the right make-up, the right way to achieve the right flawless skin. The presenter to be honest was really good in explaining as she exactly told which product suits the oily skin, dry skin and the combination skin. She also helped to direct us on which shade would suit our skin tone. She started from the very first step of prepping our skin to the very last step of applying the lipstick. As I have this tan kind of skin and also kinda oily skin, below were my choices:-

  • 1st Step – Cleaned our skin from dust and previous makeup using ‘Gee That was Quick’. This did a good job in clearing my skin and it suits all type of skin.
  • 2nd Step – Prep our skin using ‘Women Seeking Toner’. This is 3 in 1 toning lotion helps to control oiliness and shine.
  • 3rd Step – Applied ‘eyecon’. This helps to fade dark circles if used in a long term.
  • 4th Step – Applied ‘Rebel’. This is said to help to moisture the skin and it also works as a tinted foundation. Comes in 2 shades. I used the darker shade and was also told that we can use it alone without any makeup as well.
  • 5th Step – Applied the base. ‘Dr. Feel Good’ can be applied for oily skin and ‘Tat Gal’ can be applied for dry skin. I applied ‘Dr. Feel Good’ as I have this oily skin. I liked the way it made my skin feel. So soft that it helped to cover the pores.
  • 6th Step – Applied ‘erase paste’ for under eye area. This works as to cover the dark circles under your eyes. There was 3 shades and I used shade no. 3 – deep. You can also apply this on the face as concealer to cover any areas with blemishes or discoloration.
  • 7th Step – Applied ‘Posie Tint’ for my cheek area. This gave me a very natural glow and you can also apply it on your lips and it’s said that its kiss proof!
  • 8th Step – Brighting Powder’s turn now!. For my kind of skin which is quite tan, I applied ‘Dandelion’. It gave this very natural look and my face looked so fresh. Heard its one of the best sellers too.
  • 9th Step – Was to apply the eye shadow. As my eye lid has some discoloration, I was given ‘Lemon Aid’ to be applied. After applying that I then applied the creaseless eye shadow cream of ‘Lana, samba-dy loves me’.
  • 10th Step – It’s now time to apply the mascara. As I’m a lover of natural look, I choose the 'BAD gal waterproof mascara in Black'.
  • Last Step – Finally it’s time to apply the lipstick. I chose the ‘Passionista’ Betty as it had this glitters’ plus natural color which is the closest color to my lips.

Towards the end, there was 5 lucky draws given out and not to forget the goodie bags. Can say that the goodies were worth it actually as it had RM 20 coupon to be used in the Benefit counter, Dr.Feel Good (mini size), Benetint (mini size) and Silky Finish Lipstick in raisin’cane (full size).
And the RM100 voucher is fully redeemable + the RM 10 coupon ( I did not use the other RM 10), with this I got myself ‘Dallas’.

To those who missed it, well hope you can join us for the next one thou am not sure when they have another one.


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