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A few months ago I wrote a post on my Lush hauls back from Singapore and can you remember that gift box that I bought along? Still remember them? Want to know what's inside the box? Well after almost a month, I finally decided to open the box (yea, the box was wrapped so beautifully that I didn't have the heart to tear them away).

This is the box..Isn't it nicely wrapped? And together with the blue ribbon, it's simply amazing :-).

The box also had the sticker above written ' This gift was lovingly hand packed by Iwona's Team'. I must say that I love this kind of personal touch that are put in to any products. It kind of brings the product much closer to you I must say..

The box was filled with tiny sponges that I believe helps to keep the products in perfect shapes, especially those soaps. And it surely did it's job well as none of my products were damaged.

So what did I have in my gift box? Here you go..

I purposely selected this box as it contained mainly bath items such as soaps, gels & scrubs as I just love trying them. It feels certainly great and relaxed when you come home after a crazy day at work, and you get to indulge yourself with this heavenly smelled and cute looking soaps or gels.

Now time for some close up shots.

This is 'Mr Punch Soap'. Its more to a fruity type of soap with blackcurrants, juniper etc to give it a more boozy and fruity feeling.

Next, we have the 'Northen Lights Soap'. This soap just gives me the neon light feeling because of it's colour i guess. And the smell of it is just refreshing due to it's content of lime, cypress and fresh pine.

Yup, the only shower gel that came in this box and it's called 'Ponche Shower Gel'. Made from plum and orange gel with davana, buchu and petitgrain oils.

Next, we have 'Whoosh Shower Jelly' made from grapefruit, rosemary and geranium essential oil. I've been wanting to try this for some time so having this here gives me the opportunity. Ooo yea, you got that right, another reason for me was because of it's colour BLUE..and this texture too..picture below please :-).

And finally the last thing in the box is 'Rub Rub Rub', a sea salt shower scrub with tropically scented blossoms. The close up below shows how wonderful it looks. For me the colour blue just makes me think of the sun and the sea..

Now are you too tempted to try them? I know we don't have them in Malaysia but you can always buy them online through Lush Singapore's website.


  1. I bought their limited edi snow fairy shower gel..LOL.,it does smell super funky..Ohh love their lip scrub:}

    1. Ooo yea..their products are all so good and smells heavenly..i cant wait for them to arrive in Msia :)


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