January's VanityTrove Box

I think this post should have gone out way way earlier but my apologies for the delay. But well better late then never right. So I would like to share with you a glimpse of my January VanityTrove. 

For this new year, the major improvement or perhaps enhancement that VanityTrove did was to their lovely card which details out the items that you have received. They have now replaced it with a mini booklet type. Yes, it has more information of products and also some tips on makeup and etc. However, you do get slighlty confused with the infomation or pictures there. Just like how excited I was when I saw the photo of La Mer's Moisturing Soft Cream at the cover page. I thought we were getting samples of them. I personally preferred the card then had before. Nice and right to the point. But well, everyone has their own perceptions right. 

So, what's in this trove? Scroll down to find out..

Time for some close up photos..
Bifesta's Non Rinse Makeup Remover

Yuskin Family Medical Cream, Essence Colour & Shine Lipstick Pencil, Skin Conditioner, My Beauty Diary's Apple Polyphenol Mask

Slim Secret's Afternoon Snack Attack Bar, Lingzhi Immunity Drink
This is actually my last trove shipped from Singapore if im not mistaken as we now have our very own VanityTrove Malaysia.

Have you signed up for VanityTrove Malaysia? If no, just start clicking those links below:





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