January's Modbox - A bright year ahead

When this month arrived, I was just eagerly waiting for my surprise boxes. You know sometimes you just want to get excited over something :p. And the first box that arrived was from Modbox. It was slightly delayed this month but not too late, so it's alright. 

When I first opened it, I was wondering why yellow ribbon? Only then to realise that it symbolised brightness. A bright new year indeed. Then of course I went to the content. You want to have a look at what they have to surprise us this time? Here you go..

The famous 'Kiss Me' Liquid Eyeliner

Bulgarian White Rose Mask & Aloe Vera Handmade Soap by Claire Organics

Sante's Grenadine Spirit Body Lotion & Cellnique's Skin Action Serum Gel
So which one is my favourite from this box you may ask. Of course it's the handmade soap from Claire Organics and also the body lotion from Sante's. All coz i love handmade soaps and always keep trying different types and review them where I can. So watch out for this Aloe Vera soap review after i've tried them.


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