Say Hello to 2010!

So it's a new year now..a new beginning to many of us and lotsa new list of resolutions set of both 'I wana do and I won't do', thou hey some of us will break it within the first week ( i do at times ;) ) but two those who succeed i would say that you did a great job. As im typing this off, I feel so fresh thinking its a brand new beginning and started pondering on my resolutions (oo yea, i do set mine too).

So yes my resolutions for this new 2010 is :-
  • Spend more time with loved ones. Yes, for the past year, i've been quite hooked with work that i sometimes ignore spending more time with them. So this year its gonna be a balanced relationship :)

  • Exercise, Exercise and Exercise. Well over the last one year, i've just maintained or put on some weight when am actually supposed to reduce some. So thou i cant run 10km a day, but perhaps at least 20 mins on the threadmill will do.

  • Actively update my blog. Blogging to be honest is my hobby as i love writing but the past year i've been hooked with work that i've not bothered to update my blog. So yes, hope this year i'll update it more often for you guys out there.

So now thats some of my resolutions for this year. So now fingers pointing to you, what are your resolutions for 2010? Share it with me :)

Lets together color the world with more beautiful color, just like how the ballons in the photo above does..

And oo yeah, Happy New Year!!


  1. Hi Sapphire, Happy New Year to you. Guess my resolution is to be able to save some cash this coming year so that i can get more goodies when i need too..

  2. Hi, just dropped by to wish ya a happy new year..


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