L'Occitane: Extra Gentle Soap

Well yes, i do agree that i love products such as bath gels and soap. Yes, especially those handmade ones. The last time i went down to Bali, i quickly grabbed different kind of handmade soups. So when L'Occitane had its Christmas set last year, i got myself some of the value packs. So here is my first review on L'Occitane's Extra Gentle Soap.

The shape was just square shaped and it was pure beige in color which truly shows that it's pure. It's wrapped properly and the details on the soap was described in its cover. The moment i opened the wrapper, i was taken away by its smell. Yes it has some kind of lemon grass type of scent in it.

Voices' Verdict:
True to it's name, the soap was really gentle of course. Every time i use it, i can feel the freshness it gives my skin and the scent really awakens you. I usually use it in the morning just to wake me up and prepare me for the day. It is so gentle that i doesn't irritate your skin especially for us with sensitive type of skin. This soap is enriched with Shea butter so of course it leaves you feeling smooth and soft. I also like the fact that its leathery and trust me a bar of soap really last long.

So girls, if you're looking for a vegetable based soap which is gentle to skin, then this is the one for you, thou yes I do have to agree that its at the pricey side. If you ask me, I'll get it when I feel like splurging into something :)


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