Biotherm once again - Aquasouce Moisturizing Balm

Being a very devoted fan of Biotherm recently as i have been using their skincare products and have also introduced it to my mum and now planning to get my brother to try it, i have another Biotherm product review again. Wow looks like i can be the blogger for Biotherm huh. Haha. Well today i would like to share with you guys my review on Biotherm Aquasource - Moisturizing balm.

This Biotherm moisturizing balm helps to protect your lips and help to keep it moistured and has its shiny effect when applied. Ooo yeah how can i forgot about it containing SPF8. It's clear in color and has this cherry scent on it.

Voices' Verdict:
What i like most of this Moisturizing balm is it's shiny effect it gives you plus the moistured feeling you feel on your lips. It stays on your lips for sometime ( longer than the usual lips balms), and you really feel fresh with it's cherry flavor of it. This is always in my handbag now so that everytime i need some shine on my lips to cover all my tired look, all i need to do is to apply this balm of mine on my lips.


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