Biosource - Clarifying Exfoliating Gel

As I have been using the Biotherm’s product range lately for my skincare, I kind of thought that I should also include a scrub or better referred as exfoliating gel. So here I went again visiting the Biotherm counter in Metrojaya, Mid valley. Enquired and enquired and the friendly SA introduced me to ‘Biosource – Clarifying Exfoliating Gel’. I asked again and again if the product is ok, skin friendly, etc etc because I didn’t want to spoil my skin once gain. She assured me of course. Now after using for about a month plus now, below is what I feel I should share with you guys out there..

Packaging wise it is nothing fancy. It just comes in a green tube and the gel has this translucent blue-green color. It also has small exfoliating particles. As instructed by the SA, I used it two times a week as I do understand that you can’t use scrub everyday as this will harm your skin. This gel produces a slight lather and as you massage it on your face, you can actually feel the particles performing it’s in-depth exfoliation

Voices’ Verdict:
I personally feel that this Exfoliating Gel works well to my skin taking note that I have oily skin. All I have to do is to use this two times a week before using my Biotherm Cleanser, Toner and Moisturisers. And will all this done, I get a very fresh and clean skin. And after using it for a month now, I can feel my skin getting back to its normal condition of instance radiance.


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