Bobbi Brown Fall 09 Nude Collection

Well if you are a lover for nude or earthy colors, then i think this post is specially for you. Bobbi Brown has recently come out with their 'Bobbi Brown Fall 09 Nude Collection'. All the colors looks really earthy and natural and since i love this kind of colors, i kind of fall for this :-). Anyway their key item for this collection is their Nude Eye Palette for RM 190, Eye Shadow Brush for RM 100, Nude Shimmer Brick at RM 145, Face Blender Brush at RM 170, Long Wear Gel Liner at RM 70, Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush at RM 90, Creamy Lip Color at RM 75 and Blush for RM 80. So guys, going out for it?

Wait! Not only that, they have also come up with the 'Build your Custom Palette'. The empty palette costs about RM 40 and the price gets added according to the eyeshadows, blushers & lip colors that you choose. So with a rough calculation of choosing a 3 Pan Palette with a choice of eye shadow, a choice of blusher and a choice of Lip color comes to a price of RM 258. Now do you think they price is fine or expensive? If you ask me i would say, well at least we have all the thing we need in a palette and we can carry it together with us where eva we go.


  1. hi sapphire..i have tan skin you think this nude collection will work for me? hope to hear from you :-)

  2. Hi Ann, of course it would work for your skin too provided you choose the correct shades. And from my personal experience, i feel that Bobbi Brown's products are good for tan skin like us. So just head to the Bobbi's counter to check on it further. All the best!


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