Benefit's Dallas

Dallas..for some of us who are unfamiliar with Benefit products will be wondering what it all means. Dallas came into my life last month end right after the Benefit workshop. As I was wondering and trying the items there, suddenly my eyes drew attention to this product of their called ‘Dallas’.

By the shape and pattern on the box, I definitely caught my attention. Well it comes in this very cute square box with a pattern of shadow a girl on a horse. And when you open it, you can see this very beautiful shade of sunkissed rose and it comes with a brush which looks so natural and handy.

Voices’ Verdict:
It was said that all you need to do is to sweep Dallas across your cheeks, chin, forehead or anywhere on your face to lift away dullness and to give your complexion a naturally radiant glow. When I tried it, wow I must say. I like the instant natural blush look it gives you thou your skin is more to the tan type. It has a subtle shimmer on it and looks great on you even during the day. Most of the time I used it as a blusher but at times I also do apply it over my face for that fresh and natural glow effect.


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