Gap 1969 Premium Jeans

Walking around at the Curve last weekend, trying to fill the day, we were stopped by a few promoters handing to us a brochure on Gap 1969 Premium Jeans. Being curious I asked them on the roadshow and the friendly promoter explained on their Gap 1969 Premium Jeans. Being a person who loves this kind of promotions & roadshows, i surely went into the van to check out their new collections.

This Gap 1969 Premium Jeans is there for all men and women and of all sizes and shapes. For women, they have Sexy Boot, Curvy, Real Straight, Long & Lean, and Always Skinny. And for men, they have Boot, Standard, Easy, Loose and Authentic. You might think that you won't find a jeans that would fit you but trust me you could be wrong because Gap has wonderful variety of jeans to fit all shapes and sizes.

And the best part of Gap that i love is their promotions and friendly gestures of letting people to try out their jeans and various contests during their road shows. Bravo Gap for these wonderful gesture. So here i bring you closer to all the photos that they have ( i scanned from the brochure they gave me), and to try out yourselves, just get to the nearest Gap stores. Im sure you'll find helpful and friendly sales executives to help you around. You can also visit to check out what they have.


  1. Hey..this is a very interesting article..can you let me know where are the Gap stores in already thinking of getting one for myself voices :-)

  2. The cuttings are so beautiful and hope i can get one for myself thou i wonder if they might only have for skinny ones..Anyway sapphire, can you let me know on where are the GAP stores located in KL? I wanna go and check it out..

  3. Hi Nadia & Alisha. Very sorry for the late reply. Was away. Anyway you can find Gap stores at 1 Utama, Pavillion and The Gardens @ Mid Valley city. And no worries, am sure the sales exec can help you find a pair that suits you. All the best and update me further ok!


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