Body Shop's Shea Soap

With the current heat out there which is usually humid, our skin gets really dry. So what is the remedy for it? Mostly what we all do is to consume more water plus apply lotion as often as possible. Well, after all what can we do more right?

I simply tried switching to this moisturizing soap which was a gift from my friend. This is actually a shea soap from Body Shop. Now lets see how did it fare.

This of course looks like any other soap, in fact it is the same common shaped and its more onto the beige color. It has a very mild buttery smell and I guess this would suit sensitive skins as well.

Voices' Verdict:
When I used it as part of my daily routine, i felt as thou am applying a lotion as it really did moisturise my skin and it didn't really dry my skin out like the other normal bar soaps. My skin felt more moisturised thru out the day and I liked it as the smell was very mild, infact I don't think you can really smell it at one glance. For a bar soap, I can say that it really lasted long as it didn't really disolve fast which is actually good i think :)

If you're actually looking for a moisturizing soap, I guess this could be in your list and the price is affordable for a Body Shop range. And as for me, I think I might repurchase it :).


  1. I used this some time ago, and yes, it was very moisturising, and it wasn't even necessary for me to put on lotion after, but I still prefer shower gels. So, now I hardly use bar soaps.

  2. oo yea I truly agree wid you :) as for myself, am alright wid shower gels as well as bar soaps, as I dunno y but I have a thing for these things :)


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