Freshlook Illuminate's Free Trial

By now, am sure most of you out there know that I have a special interest towards contact lenses and I've been thinking of getting colored lenses of some events next month. So here I was browsing the Internet, looking for some idea on what to get and coincidentally i ended up at Freshlook Illuminate's website. And guess what, there's some promotion going on where all you need to do is sign up and you'll be getting 3 day free trial pairs.

Wow, this is simply a great idea by Freshlook as usually you do not get to try lenses before purchasing. But I think we should really thank Freshlook for this as am sure more people out there will sign up for this and give it a try and with this, am sure you'll have more people out there purchasing it.

Now, back to me. Did i sign up for this? Yes, of course I did. I quickly checked for my lenses powers and keyed in all the important information. Now am just waiting patiently for it and don't work girls, I'll surely post about it  once I get my pair of trial lenses. And to you girls out there, why waiting? Simply get to their website and register for a trial pair for yourself.


  1. wow sounds interesting sapphire.Did you manage to get those samples delivered?

  2. hey ida, sorry for the late reply..Anyway yup they did actually..I'll upload that post soon alright..You should have tried it too..Its a good way to allow the customers to try before purchasing. :) Don't u think so too?


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