Bobbi's Color Strip Collections

Bobbi always comes out with wonderful products just to make everyone happy and I can say that this is one of them. Yes, Bobbi Brown has come up with some latest limited edition eye shadow strips and pot rouge strips. This wonderful arrays surely made me so happy so here am i sharing it with you. The colors to be honest would look good on all skin tones and even on tan skin tones like mine.

So did you enjoy looking at those colors? Have you decided which strip to go with? For the price you pay for Bobbi Brown products, I personally feel that the price of RM 110 and RM 120 respectively is alright considering the few array of colors in each strip and this would be great to create smoky eyes effects too.

Now on my favourite strip. Which one do you think I would go for? :) Well, yes my personal choice will be 'Bonfire Eye Shadow Strip' and 'Orchid Eye Shadow Strip'.


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