The Lilac Box - Premium February Debut Box

After patiently waiting for 'The Lilac Box', it finally arrived at my doorstep on 6th February. The Lilac Box used GDex courier service and so far I'm happy with their service as I've never had any problems with them. Thou I was actually sick when I received this box, I just couldn't wait to open it. Well I guess everyone would feel so as this is the debut box. 

What's interesting with this box is that it's not covered with a bubble wrap or a shrink wrap but it was double boxed. 

So are you ready to have a look at the box itself? Yes, it's with the theme colour 'lilac'. Lilac is actually a tone of purple, so that answers the question on why i just love the design and concept of this particular box. Anything purple just makes me happy :-) Thou the box itself is a plain brown box but the ribbon and the note 'I got you thelilacbox' actually added an extra 'spice' to this whole experience. 

 I was actually greeted with this message which was at the back of the cover box. It is actually a good idea to reuse this box as everything is already there. You only need to add in or personalise the box with some stuff of your interest :) 

Another note that was in the envelope was actually a note to us the receivers on some introduction of this box, the aim of this box and also the details of their website address where we can get more information of the products that was in this debut box. One thing I realise is that compared to the other beauty boxes out there, The Lilac Box doesn't actually have a list which introduces the products in the box and you would need to go to their website to know more about the products instead. However, it's not really a big deal for me as you can always know about the product when you see them and most of us now just love searching online for more information.

It's time to now reveal the content of the box. As mentioned in my previous introduction post, The Lilac Box makes sure that only premium products, yes premium products gets in their box. And when I first opened it, I was really surprised with the content. I personally was really really happy with what they had and it was surely worth more than the price of the debut box. 

Yes, we have here the 'Kerastase Ciment Anti Usure' (75ml), a daily rinse out conditioner for weakened hair and we also have the 'Kerastase Bain Force Architecte' (80ml), a daily reconstructing shampoo. 

Next is Roberto Cavalli's Perfumed Body Lotion (30 ml). It's very vibrant and sensual and something that you can surely use for that very special date of yours.

And for those out there who loves nail polish, they have Max Factor's Nailfinity in 'Boji'. Boji is actually a very neutral colour. If you ask me and as I'm a person who loves simple and natural colours, this nail polish is now in my favourite list. I'll write a separate post on it soon.

From the skincare section, we have Decleor Paris' Essential Cleansing Milk (10 ml) and Essential Tonifying Lotion (10 ml). Something that i've not tried before but surely would love to give it a try.

Lastly, we have Burberry's Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base. There's 4 sachets and it's something that suits all skin tones. I'll probably give it to my mum to try as well as she would surely love them.

The team also included Decleor Paris' Signature Aromaplasty Facial voucher and Centro Hair Salon's RM 50 cash voucher. I'm already planning to use both of them as I frequently visit Centro and I've been wanting to try Decleor Paris.

Overall, I would say that I'm really impressed with this box and the team has done a great job in putting these wonderful premium items together. Only hope is that they'll ensure that this wonderful service continues and they'll continue bringing only the best to us.  I'm already waiting to subscribe to their boxes every month. How about you? 


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