Vanity Trove Malaysia - *Debut Box* It's All About Love

Vanity Trove is not something new in Malaysia as Malaysian subscribers have been getting their boxes shipped from Singapore all these while. Of course the down side of this was that we often get coupons that are only applicable at Singapore and the events are organised in Singapore and which means we Malaysian subscribers were not able to attend them. However, we got a good news recently when they actually launched Vanity Trove Malaysia. This means we get to attend functions that Vanity Trove organises in Malaysia and what's more amazing is that we can now use the coupon that's in the trove. Vanity Trove Malaysia's debut box was the February 2013 box themed 'It's all about Love'.

Something different about Vanity Trove Malaysia was that they actually used a different courier service other than GDex, which is Kangaroo Worldwide Express Courier. Vanity Trove Malaysia's box is exactly similar to the trove that was shipped from Singapore previously (yes the drawer type of box) and it's also shrink wrapped like before.

Their trove was filled right till the top, yes right till the top when i opened it..

And I was greeted by this lovely hand written card. As I've always said, even if it's a simply short message, I love it when it's hand written as it shows that they person has taken the extra effort. I'm sure you'll agree with me. 

Yes, I get it, you surely would want to have a look at the whole box and what they had in this February trove right, here you go..

As it was a Valentines edition, there was some extra touch to it as they have included some Merci chocolates in a cute lil' box, which I've already reused them to put in my earrings :-). Well talk about recycling.

Time to zoom down to all the individual items.

System Professional's Colour Save Shampoo (30 ml) and Colour Save Mask (30 ml)
 "System Professional's Colour Save Shampoo protects coloured hair and ensures long-lasting colour brilliance as it cleans. The Colour Save Mask serves as protections that prevents your hair colour from fading" 

Di Palomo's Tuscan Rose Hand & Body Lotion (25 ml)
"Tuscan Rose Hand & Body Lotion is blended with moisturising olive and sweet almond oils which makes your skin soft, smooth and nourished"

Benefit's POREfessional
"Benefit's POREfessional minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines. Silky and lightweight, wear the POREfessional balm on its own or under or on top of makeup"

B.Liv's Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel
"Remove white heads and blackheads gently and effectively with Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel"

Orik's BB Cream
 "Formulated with plant stem cells to repair and keep your skin healthy while covering imperfections. Its unique three-tier cream design includes the milk lotion with wild ginseng, the concealer and the serum with repair complex CLR"

Orik's Wild Ginseng Stemcell Twister Essence
"Reduces visible pores while hydrating and nourishing skin"

There was also a voucher included which is from Orik's where with purchase of Wild Ginseng Twister Essence, you'll get 1 unit of Wild Ginseng Stemcell BB Cream for free.

Overall, I'm happy with what I received in this trove as it has items that i've been wanting to try such as the POREfessional. And also contains items that I love which is the Colour Save Shampoo (yes, I have coloured hair) and also the Tuscan Rose's Hand & Body Lotion. I'm a frequent lotion user so this will surely come handy. 

What's even more amazing was that I actually bought another box for this month and have emailed them to ask if it's possible to ensure that both boxes doesn't carry the same item. They actually told me that they'll try their best. What was amazing was that they actually made sure that I got different items in both boxes. In the other box, I actually have the System Professional's Repair Shampoo and Repair Mask and the Tuscan Rose Hand & Nail Cream.

For the RM 60 that you pay for the trove (including courier service), it's a good deal and I hope that this continues and even more wonderful items are introduced to us.

"Disclaimer: This box was send to me for a review. However, This does not affect my opinion in any way" 


  1. We're currently collaborating with VanityTrove to create an exclusive, customized trove worth RM100 each instead of the usual RM50. Instead of the usual beauty products, we're adding a touch of our own by giving away fashion accessories in the trove as well. Win one absolutely for free this Mother's Day by sending a photo of you and your mother to and further instructions will be given on how you can win. Good luck!


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