Vanity Trove's August Edition 'Rocket Science'

Im sure many of you are aware of the arrays of beauty boxes that are around. But sadly for us in Malaysia, we did not have any till the recently launched 'Fabulous Finds'. So what i did since at that point of time we didn't have any beauty box subscription in Malaysia, I actually subscribed for Vanity Trove. This is actually my second box from them and wow, i seriously did not expect this much of things in a box.

So yes ladies, presenting to you Vanity Trove's August box, 'Rocket Science'.

So what you do think of this month's box? Are you too surprised just like me? I think Vanity Trove has done a great job by giving things worth the amount charged. Bravo Vanity Trove!

I'll be reviewing them in my coming post as there's just so many goodies to be tried over. Till then, enjoy the photos and perhaps you too can subscribe for Vanity Trove.


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