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Welcoming VanityTrove Malaysia

I'm sure most of you here are aware of the concept of beauty boxes. In brief, you have a few amount of deluxe or sample size beauty products in a box which is delivered to your door steps monthly with a certain amount of payment and the thrill of this is the surprise element involved in it as you never knows what's in your box till you receive them.

The first beauty box services that started shipping to Malaysia was VanityTrove from Singapore. You would have seen my blog post about VanityTrove's boxes. And within months we started having various other beauty boxes in Malaysia itself. But I used to still wonder on why we don't have VanityTrove Malaysia, as this means that they'll be able to bring in more products or the coupons given will be for Malaysia based services. 

Ta da! My wish was answered and now we have our very own VanityTrove Malaysia. Now wondering how it works? Just follow the simple steps as below: Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on…

My Precious Lush Hauls

Holidays are always something you look forward too, no matter it's a short trip or a longer one. And I always believe that short breaks gives you time to recharge and back refreshed. However, this year wasn't really a year that I could take enough breaks with many projects after projects. But I still wanted to follow my tradition of taking year end leave so here am I on my 2 weeks break. Now where shall I go? A place that you don't really need much planning was of course Singapore and Singapore during Christmas is just great!. Those beautiful decorations and lights everywhere just gives you  the feel of Christmas. 

The first thing I wanted to do went I get to Singapore was to visit the LUSH store there. Well it's the only store which is nearest to Malaysia. Lush in Singapore is located at Wisma Atria and since it was days before Christmas, oo boy the store was just packed with people. As I already had my list of things that I wanted to get, I quickly got the sales assis…

Modbox's December Beauty Box

By now I'm sure most of you here are aware of another beauty box which made it's entrance to Malaysia. Am I right? Now wondering which is this? I'll give you a hint..starts with M and ends with X. Alright, yes it's called Modbox. As I'm currently going crazy over this beauty box especially for the surprise factor it gives me, I decided to purchase this as well.

Now, did I actually tell you that I've actually shipped this to my office? So when the mailing room called to say that I have a courier, automatically I'm back fresh. Took it and during my break, just couldn't wait to open them. Now, I think the owner of Modbox is also someone who loves the colour purple, just like me! Those who are close to me will surely tell you that I go head over heels with the shade of purple. So why am I talking about purple? See it yourself here :-)

The moment I opened the box, I was greeted with such a heavenly smell. I can't really recall what smell is that but it was…

WonderBox's December Beauty Box

Firstly, so sorry for posting this post slightly later than expected. I've been really busy with work since i was going on year end leave from the 21st December. And now since I'm on break, I have ample of time to write and share with you things that have surely surprised me.

So ladies, are you ready to have a look on what December's Wonderbox contains? My first glimpse at the box surely made me go 'WoW, such a beautiful bow out there'. Yes, as it was the month of Christmas, the Wonderbox team paid attention to the details by having a red bow and mine came with a bell attached to it.

Now, what's the content of the box? The moment I opened the box, it was filled right till the top and the Christmas themed card greeted me.

Surprised with the content? I was actually as it contained things that I wanted to always try such as the Kerastase shampoo and the Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar. I've actually received the Gamila Cleansing Bar in my Vanity Trove box before b…

MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code

oOo wow..remember about the new beauty box that I was talking about earlier? Yeah, MIVVA beauty box. As mentioned it's one of the new beauty box with a great beauty portal with articles and videos. And guess what? They'll be launching their debut MIVVA box.

Apparently, you only need to pay RM 38 per month and you get 5 to 6 beauty products in your surprise box. And what's even more interesting is that as they are launching it during the christmas month, they have also packed some surprises in it.

Now you have no idea how excited I am and i can't just wait for it to arrive so that i can unbox them. It will be one of the best thing to do and yup helps me reduce my stress level too.

Alright, how do you subscribe for it? As it's the debut box and they have limited quantity, they are only opened for members only. So all you have to do is click this link and key in the MIVVA BeautyBox Invitation Code as 'DiscoverMIVVA'

You can also use my referral link (http://w…

Introducing MIVVA - The New Beauty Box

Most of us here are familiar with beauty boxes and how excited we get over them. Am i right? So how excited will you get when I let you know on another new surprise box services that's gonna be available in Malaysia? Super excited? Yes, gals! Introducing to you..MIVVA..

MIVVA Box contains 4-6 products and it targets the middle to high market. Additionally, i personally feel that MIVVA is slightly different then the other boxes out there as you can purchase the boxes, there's product information available online 24/7, there's video tutorials for you to follow and beauty articles too.

Sounds interesting? Interested in it? Then simply sign up for more information here.

Vanity Trove's December Edition

By now most of you visiting my blog will know how excited I get when i have my surprise boxes arriving my door step and imagine how extra excited i'll get if i get 2 boxes at the same time..

So, are you ready to have a look at what the December's trove is all about? The moment I opened the box, the smell of Lavender from Gamila Secret's Cleansing bar just made me feel so relaxed. Seriously, hoping it will give me a good experience trying it too :-)

Presenting to you Vanity Trove's December edition..

Wow, it's just too much of item in just one trove right. Im super happy with this December's trove and now time to try it one by one.

WonderBox November - The Classic Black Ribbon

Introducing Malaysia's version of beauty box 'WonderBox'!!!

The moment I actually signed up for their services, I couldn't then wait for them to send me the boxes and it was double surprise when they announced that they'll be sending two different version for their WonderBox November. Yup! you're right, its either the black ribbon one or the pink ribbon one, and it's according to your beauty profile.

So anxiously I waiting for it and my bad that it actually arrived when I was in Penang for a business trip. But immediately when i got home, i decided to check it out. A lot of you out there might already know what was in the 'pink' ribbon box. Now, its time to reveal what was in the 'BLACK' ribbon box.

Here you go, WonderBox November edition..

Together with this they have also included RM 35 off voucher for SAMPAR and RM 50 off voucher from Jurlique

Was I happy with what i received? Yes, of course I am. And was it worth the payment made? Yes, defini…

Jonhson's Baby Bedtime Oil

A while ago when i went for a foot massage, I was actually told by the therapist that i have dry skin (something that i'll surely agree) and he actually advised me that if it's not treated well, of course i would not really have smooth legs. But my therapist didn't just stop there. He actually advised me to try Johnson's Baby   Oil.

Of course Johnson's has a few types of baby oil but after pondering and looking at each of it, i actually decided to get the 'Johnson's Baby Bedtime Oil' which is said to release NATURALCALM essences. Apparently, this also helps you to have a better sleep.
I've of course tried this for few months now and i must say that my skin has surely improved. And what i like the most is that the oil is not greasy and stick to you. Instead it just fades away after you have give it a good rub. And the extra plus point is the smell of the oil. It naturally releases a very calming smell which just makes me feel relaxed.
Now, this is an…

Bamboo Sap Patch: Brings Me Close to Nature..

Have you ever hear about the 'Bamboo Sap Patch' by The Essence of Nature? This is made in Korea using the tree saps and I was happy to get this sample in one of my VT box and how can I not try it right?

For those of you who have very minimum information on this, sap patch absorbs accumulated wastes and toxic materials in the body and  promotes the circulation of the blood to make your body refreshes and light. The Essence of Nature has a good array of different type of sap patch such as Forest Sap Patch, Bamboo Sap Patch, Eucalyptus Sap Patch, Rose Sap Patch, Lavender Sap Patch, Slimming Sap Patch and Warm Sap Patch.

The one that I tried was Bamboo Sap Patch which is said to promote the circulation of blood and metabolism by making the body warm. All I did was to stick it on the sole of my foot and I left it overnight. Of course in order to see the real benefit behind this, it is recommended to use it much often but I can say that this one was sufficient enough to make me feel r…

Vanity Trove's November Surprise Box

As usual i get really excited when i receive call from FedEx to inform that my Vanity Trove box has arrived.  My Vanity Trove box just arrived today morning and i was just waiting to get back home to check what's the surprises this time around.

So to you girls out there, have a look at Vanity Trove November box!

Lets zoom in to see the contents.. the full overview!

Was i excited after seeing this? Somehow i feel that maybe something is really missing as most of the things in my boxes were sample sizes. And the card also shows about some BB cream and i dont see it at all. 

Let's see what next month's box got to offer.

BRANDS InnerShine Prune Essence

What is the actual benefit of prunes? Prunes have also been a fruit we take when we have constipation problem. I've always been told that due to its high fibre content, it do certainly help our bowel movements. Now what other benefits it brings? I hear that it also has good amount of antioxidants which provides good health benefits to us.

I've personally tried them a few times and i must say that i love having them. It does good to my stomach and the taste is alright too. I've been told that taking them for a longer duration gives you a radiant complexion but I've yet to try it for that long. So if you have tried them, why don't you share here on the benefits of it and how you felt after having this.

Below is the extracted details on the benefits and the truth behind InnerShine Prune Plus from their website.

Fresh Desire's Handmade Soap: Sports Soap

How many of you here are fans of handmade soaps? If you're someone just like me then this post will surely make you excited. While i was on a business trip to Penang, I happen to come across this newly opened shop 'Fresh Desire' at Strait Quay, Penang. Immediately without wasting any seconds, i dashed in to get my share of the handmade soaps.

They have varieties of handmade cosmetics from soap bars, shower gels, bath bombs and candles just to name a few. And what made me so extra excited was the arrays of soap bars that they had. Right from coffee flavoured up to lavender flavoured bar. The sales assistants there were pretty helpful too. Ever ready to suggest to me some of their famous soap bars and in fact letting me smell them before purchasing.

As i wanted to try a few of them and the prices for each bar goes by the size/gram of each bar, i requested them to cut it to smaller pieces which they politely agreed. And at the end, i ended up buying their Sports Soap and Lave…